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EPA - Type II

Testing with soap bubbles is used
to pinpoint refrigerant leaks
Your recovery/recycling machine has R-502 refrigerant in it. You now have to recover refrigerant from a unit with R-22. What must be done before the R-22 Refrigerant can be recovered/recycled?
REcover as much of the R-502 from the recovery unit as possible, change filter, and evacuate
What should be done before transferring refrigerant to an empty cylinder?
The cylinder should be evacuated
EPA regulations require that all appliances containing more than 50 pounds of refrigerant (except for commercial and industrial process refrigeration) be repaired when the leak rate exceeds what percent of the charge per year?
Many refrigeration units use an open compressor. Which part of the compressor is most likely to leak if a unit is not used for several months?
rotating shaft seal
When using recovery and recycling equipment manufactured BEFORE November 15, 1993 technicians must evacuate an appliance containing 10 pounds of CFC-500 to the following level before disposing of the appliance?
10 inches of Hg vacuum