Classizal roots lesson 13

21 terms by jacquidance

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Ordo ordinis roots

L. order series row line


L.adj not sumissive to authority


Ladj. excessive: immoderate: not controlled


Lv. to confirm priestly authority on 2. to order by superior authority


Ln. a command or order; law or regulation, espicially by a city government 2. a custom or practice established by tradition, especially a religious rite


G. to put/place


gn. a leader or teacher of a new faith or movement


gadj. showing or appearing to feel no emotion; apathetic


gadj. pertaining to letter writing or contained in letters

rego regere rexi rectum root

l to guide/govern


lv. to set right, to correct


ln. moral uprightness; correctness of behavior

stella root

l. star


ln. a group of fixed stars, a brilliant gathering, a set of related objects or indivuals


ladj. pertaining to stars

aster root

g and l star


gln. a satr shaped figure used to indicate an omission or a footnote


gladj. of or from the stars

kosmos root

g universe


gn. the study of the whole universe, origin, evolution and relationships of its parts


gn. a person at ease in anypart of the worls and/or knowledgable in many subjects

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