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  1. he was a publisher of new york weekly journal,was arrested for printing articles that criticized the governer.he was charged with libel.but what he printed was true so he was not guilty.because telling the truth was his job
  2. the low class.they signed a contract to work from 4 to 10 years in the colonies for anyone who would pay for his or her ocean passage
  3. a representative lawmaking body whose members are elected or appointed and in which legislative and executive functions are combined.
  4. the highest class.the upper class of the colonial society
  5. a family that includes,in addition to the parents and their children,other members such as grandparents,aunts,uncles,and cousins

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  1. freedom of the pressthe right of journalists to publish the truth without restriction or penalty


  2. libelthe highest class.the upper class of the colonial society


  3. legislaturea group of people who have the powers to make laws


  4. magna cartathe principle that a person cannot be held in prison without being charged with a specific crime