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  1. Musical fifths decending flat sixth
  2. energico
  3. Musical fifths decending flat seventh
  4. mosso
  5. In 6/8 time slow sixthteenth note
  1. a G flat
  2. b 1/2 count
  3. c motion
  4. d C flat
  5. e energetically

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  1. 1 flat
  2. 4
  3. pyramid
  4. 1/4 count
  5. One hears: sounds and feel of the Kalihari desert, party time at the Masai Festival, the Gorilla lullaby a camel caravan jouney to Marrakesh, the awe and wonder of Mt. Kilamanjaro. This is program music.

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  1. Musical fifthsascending sharp third isG


  2. rallentandoa little faster than andante


  3. In 6/8 time fast quarter note1 count


  4. Susato Variationsslowing with a feeling of broadening usually accompanied with a crescendo at the climax


  5. In 6/8 time slow eighth note1/2 count