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  1. Musical fifths decending flat seventh
  2. The basketball tem always enters the court while we play _____ and this is part of what larger work
  3. In 6/8 time fast sixthteenth note
  4. Musical fifths decending flat fourth
  5. Why do you sit where you do in band
  1. a A flat
  2. b C flat
  3. c 1/6 count
  4. d percussion in back tenor saxes and euphoniums toghether flutes and clarinets in the first row tubbbas in the middle of the back row
  5. e Jesus Christ Superstar this is a rock opera

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  1. repeat to beginning to fine
  2. fcgdaeb
  3. very soft
  4. the lengthening of note/rest values in a melodic part
  5. heavy

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  1. Musical fifths ascending sharp sevenths isC sharp


  2. Melodic minorraise the 6th and 7th ascending play natural minor descending


  3. maestosoless


  4. serenofast


  5. grandiosograndly


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