History Big quiz #3


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What was the most important development in the Office of Scientific Research in WW2?
What was the great turning point of WW2?
The battle of Stalingrad
What was the amphibious attack on France known as?
What 2 cities in Japan were bombed by nuclear weapons?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
What was in the Yalta agreement?
Germany would be divided into 4 parts, Stalin agreed to free elections in Eastern Europe and he agreed to help the US in the war against Japan
What was Churchill's and FDR's plan for WW2?
To first attack Germany and then focus on Japan.
What is the largest land-sea-air operation in military history?
How many terms was FDR elected to?
Who led the US military in the offensive against Japan?
General Eisenhower
What were the Numenberg War Trials?
They put Nazi leaders on trial for war crimes.
What was the name of the plan to try to build the atomic bomb?
The Manhattan project
What were 2 strategies that the Allies used to get food and supplies through the German U boats in WW2?
Send lots of ships at one time and send armed airplanes through the boats.
What were FDR's and Churchill's goals when they met at Casablanca?
To make an amphibious attack and to only accept a surrender from Germany.
Why did Truman decide to bomb Japan?
Because Japan used kamikaze pilots and if we didn't bomb them we would lose about 15000 men.
Which industry suffered the most after WW2?
What is buying stocks by paying a small percentage and borrowing the rest known as?
What is buying stocks and hoping for a quick profit known as?
Who was the president when the Great Depression began?
What signaled the beginning of the Great Depression?
The stock market crash
True or false, the stock market crash and the run on the banks happened on the same day which plunged the country into the Great Depression.
True or false, the great depression happened only in the United States.
Which president said that the US should pull itself up by their bootstraps?
Why was the Hoover dam built?
To boost the economy
Why did the banks fail in the Great Depression?
Because of margins and speculation
What were some causes of the Great depression?
War taxes and high tariffs
What was the Hawley Smoot Tarrif?
It raised the tariffs in the US to try to pull ourselves out of the depression.
Who was the dictator of the USSR?
Who was the dictator of Italy?
Who was the dictator of Japan?
Who was the dictator of Germany?
What was the name of Hitler's book?
Mein Kampf
What country did Germany and Russia work together to conquer?
What was the alliance between Germany and Italy called?
The Rome Berlin Axis
What percent of Jews were killed in the Holocaust?
What was the policy of genocide that involved the deliberate and systematic killing of non-Aryans called?
The final solution
What countries were Axis powers?
Germany, Japan and Italy
Which 3 countries did the US declare war on after Pearl Harbor was bombed?
Germany, Japan and Italy
Which country declared war first in WW1?
What kind of warfare eventually pulled the US into the war?
What ended the fighting on the eastern front?
The Bolsheviks took control
What were half of the US soldiers in WW1 killed by?
Spanish influenza
What act made it a crime in the US to speak or write anything critical of the war effort?
The sedition act
What were some of Wilson's 14 points?
Freedom of the seas, no secret treaties, and a league of nations.
How many nations took part in WWI?
What is imperialism?
The policy of maintaining a strong fighting force in readiness for war.
What were the Balkans known as in WW1?
The powder keg of Europe
What led to the US entering WWI?
Germany sinking the cruise ship the Lusitania.
What kind of gas was invented in WW1?
Mustard gas
What were 3 impacts of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany?
Germany could no longer have a military, they had to accept war guilt, and pay a lot of taxes.
What did most Americans adopt after WWI?
Nativism and isolationism
What was the Red Scare?
Lots of people were scared that communism was taking over the world.
What is the KKK associated with?
What did the Emergency Quota Act of 1921 deal with?
What had to do with the biggest government scandal in the 1920's?
Who is known as the pro business president?
Why were Sacco and Vanzetti executed?
Because people feared that they were communist
True or false, communism is a prejudice against foreign born people.
What were independent minded urban women known as in the 1920's?
Who defended John Scopes in the Scopes trial?
Clarence Darrow
Who was Babe Ruth?
A baseball player
What is prohibition?
The outlawing of alcohol
Why did prohibition fail?
Because an alcohol black market started and many people were selling alcohol illegally.
What was at the heart of the tension between the US and the USSR during the Cold war?
Nuclear weapons
Why did the USSR feel that they had a right to the Eastern European countries after WW2?
Because they had lost 20 million people in the war.
What was the goal of the Truman doctrine?
To stop the spread of communism
Which side of Germany was communist?
West Germany was democratic and East Germany was communist.
Why was General McArthur fired?
Because he tried to start a war behind Truman's back