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  1. cellulose
  2. reactant
  3. organic compound
  4. fatty acid
  5. activation energy
  1. a with glycerol, make up the building blocks of lipids
  2. b chemical that enters a chemical reaction
  3. c compound that contains carbon bonded to hydrogen and is found in living things
  4. d energy needed to start a reaction
  5. e polysaccharide that is the main component of plant

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  1. specialized protein that speeds up a chemical reaction by decreasing activation energy; typically end in "ase"
  2. reactant in a chemical reaction that happens in a living thing
  3. chemical that results from a chemical reaction
  4. contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorous; involved in protein synthesis
  5. double stranded nucleic acid that stores and transmits genetic information

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  1. polymerlarge molecule made up of smaller building blocks or monomers


  2. starchpolysaccharide made up of a chain of glucose molecules; food storage molecule for plants


  3. glucosesimple sugar that is used to make ATP through cellular respiration


  4. catalystsubstance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction


  5. RNAdouble stranded nucleic acid that stores and transmits genetic information