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  1. John Adams
  2. Liberty Bell
  3. Boston Massacre
  4. Nathanael Greene
  5. John Paul Jones
  1. a an angry encounter between colonists and British soldiers in March of 1770 in which five colonists were killed
  2. b the general who led the American armies against Cornwallis in the South and won
  3. c rung in Philadelphia to gather the townspeople together to hear the reading of the Declaration of Independence
  4. d first Vice President of the United States; second President
  5. e one of the first officers of our navy; said, "I have not yet begun to fight!"

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  1. a form of government in which the people and their elected representatives are limited by a constitution
  2. Massachusetts patriots who said they could be ready to fight at a minute's notice
  3. those who wanted America to be free from Britain's control
  4. date George Washington presented the first flag to Congress; celebrated as Flag Day today
  5. documents that declared the independence of the colonies from England

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  1. Fort Duquesnefort to which Washington was sent with a message during the French and Indian War


  2. 1754-1763Dates of the French and Indian War


  3. Senate and House of RepresentativesTwo branches of Congress


  4. Thomas Jeffersondid the actual writing of the Declaration of Independence


  5. Executive Branch*Branch of government that enforces the laws