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  1. Serapis
  2. July 14, 1777
  3. George Rogers Clark
  4. James Armistead
  5. 1754-1763
  1. a led a group of men from Virginia down the Ohio River to capture several British forts; because of his efforts, the Americans were able to control the Northwest frontier
  2. b British ship that fought he Bonhomme Richard
  3. c a black slave who served in the colonial army as a spy
  4. d date George Washington presented the first flag to Congress; celebrated as Flag Day today
  5. e Dates of the French and Indian War

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  1. led the British armies in the South during the War for Independence; took Georgia and almost all of South Carolina; surrendered his army at Yorktown on October 19, 1781
  2. the event in which American colonists dressed up as Indians and dumped 300 chests of English tea into Boston Harbor to protest the tax on tea
  3. the first major battle in the War for Independence fought on June 17, 1775; the British won, but it showed them that the Americans could fight
  4. required that newspapers, almanacs, marriage certificates, and other documents purchased by the colonists have special stamps or seals affixed to them, proving that the purchaser had paid a special tax for the document
  5. gives Americans freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly

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  1. Judicial Branch*Branch of government that interprets the laws
    *Supreme Court (highest court in the land)


  2. "the shot hear round the world"first shot fired in the American War for Independence; fired in Lexington


  3. King George IIIlocation of our nation's first capital


  4. Farewell Addressthought to have been the one who made the first official flag of the United States


  5. Senate and House of Representativesthe general who led the American armies against Cornwallis in the South and won