Second Semester AP US History

George Washington

1789-1797 VP- John Adams,Sec. of State- Jefferson, Sec. of Treasury- Hamilton, Judiciary Act, Whiskey Rebellion, French Revolution-Citizn Genet, Pinckney Treaty with Spain, First Bank of US, Jay Treaty, Farwell Address

John Adams

1797-1801 Federalist, VP- Thomas Jefferson, XYZ Affair, Alien Act, Sedition Act, Naturalization Act, "Midnight Judges", Kentucky(Jefferson) and Virginia(Madison) Resolutions

Thomas Jefferson

1801-1809 Republican, VP- Aaron Burr, Sec. of State- James Madison, "Marbury vs. Madison", Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clarke Expedition, 12th Amendment, Embargo Act, Non-INtercourse Act

James Madison

1809-1817 Republican, VP-George Clinton, Sec. of State- James Monroe, Macon Act, Berlin and Milan Decrees, Orders in Council, "War Hawks", War of 1812, Hartford Convention, First Protective Tariff

James Monroe

1817-1825 Era of Good Feelings/Era of Common Man(1815-1840), Republican, VP- Tompkins, Sec. of State- John Q. Adams, "Marshall's Decisions", Aquisition of Florida from Spain, Transcontinental/Adams-Onis Treaty, Missouri Compromise, Monroe Doctrine, Sectional Tariff, "Favorite Sons Election

John Quincy Adams

1825-1829 National Republican, VP- John C. Calhoun, Sec. of State- Henry Clay, "Corrupt Bargain", Erie Canal, Tariff of Abominations, Calhoun's Exposition and Protest

Andrew Jackson

1829-1837 Democrat, VP- John C. Calhoun and Martin Van Buren, Jacksonian Democracy, Tariffs of 1832 & 1833, The 2nd Bank of US, Formation of the Whig Party

Martin Van Buren

1837-1841 Democrat, VP- Richard Johnson, Panic of 1837, Specie Circular(no Bank of US), Unsound financing by state government

William Henry Harrison

1841 Ante-Bellum Period(1840-1860) Whig, VP- John Tyler, Sec. of State- Daniel Webster

John Tyler

1841-1845 Anti-Jacksonian Democrat ran as VP on Whig Ticket, Sec. of State- Daniel Webster, Webster-Ashburton Treaty, vetoes Clay's bill for 3rd Bank of US, Canadian Border set at 45th parallel

James K. Polk

1845-1849 Democrat-original "dark horse" candidate, VP- Dallas, Manifest Destiny, Texas becomes a state, Oregon Boundary settled, Mexican War, Treaty of Guadaloupe-Hidalgo, Wilmont Proviso

Zachary Taylor

1849-1850 Whig, VP- Millard Fillmore

Millard Fillmore

1850-1853 Whig, Sec. of State- Daniel Webster, Compromise of 1850, Clayton-Bulwer Treaty(US agrees not to expand to Central America if canl is built), "UNcle Tom's Cabin"

Franklin Pierce

1853-1857 Democrat, VP- King, Kansas-Nebraska Bill, popular sovereignty, Japan opened to world trade,Underground Railroad, Bleeding Kansas, Ostend Manifesto, Republican Party formed

James Buchanan

1857-1861 Democrat, VP- Breckinridge, Dred Scott decision, Lincoln-Douglas Debates, John Brown(Harper's Ferry)

Abraham Lincoln

1861-1865 CIVIL WAR Republican, VP- Andrew Johnson, Sec. of State- William H. Seward, Sec. of Treasury- Salmon P. Chase, Sec. of War- Edwin M. Stanton, Civil war, Emancipation Proclomation,Homestead Act, Morill Act(created ag. colleges), Assasinated April 14th, 1865

Andrew Johnson

1865-1869 RECONSTRUCTION PERIOD(1865-1877) Republican, Sec. of State- William H. Seward, 13th Amendment, 14th Amendment, Reconstruction Act, Tenure of Office Act, IMpeachment Trial, Formation of KKK, Adoption of Black Codes in South

Ulysses S. Grant

1869-1877 Republican, VP- Colfax, Wilson, Sec. of State- Hamilton Fish, 15th amendment, First Trascontinetal Railroad, Tweed Ring, Panic of 1873, Credit Mobilier, Whiskey Ring, Indian Ring

Rutherford B. Hayes

1877-1881 GILDED AGE(1877-1900) Republican, VP- Wheeler, Bland-Allison Act(free coinage of silver), Troops withdrawn from South

James Garfield

March 4th to Sept. 19th 1881, Republican, VP- Chester Arthur, Sec. of State- James A. Blaine, Assasinated by C. Julius Guiteau

Chester Arthur

1881-1885 Republican, Sec. of State- James A. Blaine, Pendleton Act

Grover Clevland

1885-1889 Democrat, VP- Hendricks, Knights of Labor, Haymarket Riot, Interstate Commerce Act, Washburn vs. Illinois

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