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-able, -Ible
able to be or do something

example: trainable, edible
-ed (-ed, - t, - d)
happened in the past

example: played, carpeted, danced
happening now

example: setting
-er, -or, -ist
one who does something

example: teacher, legislator, investigator, artist
that which compares three or more

example: hottest, Fastest, Tallest
compares two

example: Faster, Longer, Heavier

example: healthful, careful, painful
the state of being

example: coldness
-ous, -ious
full of, having

example: enormous, famous , notorious, religious
-tion, -sion
condition of

example: imperfection, explosion
having, like

example: handsome
like, manner of

example: kindly

example: careless
state of being...

example: contentment
like; how;
occuring at a particular time

Example: sadly, quickly, daily
having the quality of, state of, act of

Example: Employment, Judgement
like, state of; place that; small

Example: Healthy, angry, saddlery, puppy