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  1. bacon's rebellion
  2. Maryland
  3. mayflower compact
  4. New York
  5. Carolina
  1. a King charles rewarded his supporters with land for this colony that was eventually divided
  2. b 1st document in american history that said colonists would live under democracy and the rule of law
  3. c England captured this dutch colony and named it after King Charles brother James
  4. d this violent uprising convinced many landowners to switch from ind. servants to slaves
  5. e founded by Cecilius Calvert for religious freedom for Catholics

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  1. founded by quakers as a holy experiment with religious freedom and fair treatment of natives
  2. 1st written constitution that listed individual rights and limited gov't power in america
  3. disrupted indian culture by forcing them to trap more and led to conflicts with other tribes and over reliance on european products
  4. slaves had a list of chores then were given "free time" after to work or raise crops for cash
  5. Roger Williams founded this colony to establish the idea of separation of church and state

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  1. VirginiaSocial experiment founded for England's poor by James Oglethorpe


  2. connecticutfounded by massachusetts residents who left for farmland and religious freedom; wrote the first written constitution in America


  3. quakersthe first abolitionists (wanted to abolish slavery)


  4. albany plan of union1st step towards a "united states" where delegates agreed to join together for common defense


  5. city on a hillamerican idea that we have a destiny and we should set an example to the rest of the world