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  1. Delaware
  2. task system
  3. Georgia
  4. treaty of paris 1763
  5. fundamental orders of connecticut
  1. a Social experiment founded for England's poor by James Oglethorpe
  2. b 1st written constitution that listed individual rights and limited gov't power in america
  3. c ended the French and Indian War and awarded the English all french land east of the mississippi
  4. d slaves had a list of chores then were given "free time" after to work or raise crops for cash
  5. e formerly known as New Sweden; was given to William Penn who later made it a separate colony from PA

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  1. the first abolitionists (wanted to abolish slavery)
  2. conflict puts england in debt and parliament passes taxes that are unpopular with colonists and leads to independence
  3. founded by Pilgrims who sought to purify the christian church and create a "city on a hill"
  4. founded by Cecilius Calvert for religious freedom for Catholics
  5. named after George Carteret who was a supporter of king Charles; the land was taken from part of New York

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  1. albany plan of unionamerican idea that we have a destiny and we should set an example to the rest of the world


  2. Pennsylvaniafounded by Cecilius Calvert for religious freedom for Catholics


  3. connecticutfounded by massachusetts residents who left for farmland and religious freedom; wrote the first written constitution in America


  4. city on a hillthis first colony was established in 1585 but a a permanent settlement was not established until 1607


  5. Carolinafounded by Cecilius Calvert for religious freedom for Catholics