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Vocab Unit 1


a simulation of movement or the perception of motion created by the rapid display of a series of still images

Copyright laws

laws designed to protect intellectual property rights

Fair use

a section of the US copyright law that allows the use of copyrighted works in reporting news, conducting research, and teaching


multimedia elements such as a drawing, photo, or piece of clip art


a feature of a multimedia project that allows the user to control some aspects of the presentation


a computer-based communication process that incorporates text, graphics, sound, animation, and video

Multimedia careers

careers that incorporate multiple elements of multimedia, such as game design, music and video production, animation, web design, etc

Public domain

property rights that belong to the community at large, are unprotected by copyright or patent, and are subject to use by anyone

Royalty free

prepared material that can be used, legally, without paying a fee to the artist, publishing company, etc.


software distributed on the basis of an honor system


a multimedia element such as a narration, music, or other sound clip


a multimedia element consisting of alphanumeric characters


a name, symbol, or other device identifying a product; it is officially registered with the US government and its use is legally restricted to its owner


a series of framed images put together, one after another, to simulate motion and interactivity

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