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Chapter 9 quiz

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Only found in DNA, not RNA
Which is incorrect about purines?
Synthesizes new DNA only in the 5' to 3' direction
DNA polymerase III
DNA gyrases
The enzymes that help pack DNA into the cell by coiling the DNA into a tight bundle are
Messenger RNA (mRNA)
This molecule is transcribed from the DNA template strand and later translated
Contain codons within their rRNA molecules
The following pertain to ribosomes during protein synthesis except they
Chromosomes, plasmids, mitochondrial DNA, chloroplast DNA
Among the microorganisms, various genomes can include
Has ribose, has uracil, is typically one strand of nucleotides, and does not have thymine
RNA molecules differ from DNA molecules because only RNA
The DNA of microorganisms is made up of subunits called
Replication of viral RNA occurs in the host nucleus
Which of the following is incorrect about animal viruses?
DNA ligases
Which enzyme fills in the spaces between the Okazaki fragments with the correct nucleotides?
Amino acid
Groups of three consecutive bases along the DNA of a gene have the code for one ____ ____.
Histone proteins, chromosomes in a nucleus, several to many chromosomes, and elongated (not circular) chromosomes
Eukaryotic chromosomes differ from prokaryotic chromosomes because only eukaryotes have
Occurs on a ribosome in the cytoplasm
All of the following pertain to transcription except it
Transfer RNA (tRNA)
The RNA molecules that carry amino acids to the ribosomes during protein synthesis are called
DNA polymerase
The enzymes that can proofread replicating DNA, detect incorrect bases, excise them, and correctly replace them are
RNA polymerase - synthesizes RNA primers
Which enzyme is mismatched with its function in DNA replication
A sequence of bases on a gene that does not code for protein is called a/an
The nontranscribed region of DNA to which RNA polymerase binds to initiate transcription is called the
Replication fork
The site where the old DNA strands separate and new DNA strands will be synthesized is called the
An original parent DNA strand and one newly synthesized DNA strand comprising a new DNA molecule
Semiconservative replication refers to
One helix strand that runs from the 5' to 3' direction and the other strand runs from the 3' to 5' direction
The antiparallel arrangement within DNA molecules refers to
Use spliceosomes to excise introns and then join exons
Split genes
The initiator tRNA in bacteria carries tryptophan
Which of the following is incorrect about transfer RNA?
If a codon for alanine is GCA, then the anticodon is
The duplication of a cell's DNA is called