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closed reduction, external fixation of a fracture

external manipulation of a fracture to regain alignment along with application of an external device to protect and hold the bone in place while healing

3 types of closed reduction, external fixation of a fracture

casting; splinting; traction (Tx)


use of a stiff solid dressing around a limb


use of a rigid device to immobilize or restrain a broken bone or injured body part

traction (Tx)

application of a pulling force to a fractured bone or dislocated joint to maintain proper position during healing

closed reduction, percutaneous fixation of a fracture

external manipulation of a fracture to regain alignment, followed by insertion of one or more pins through the skin to maintain position


use of an orthopedic appliance to maintain a bone's position or provide limb support - back, knee or wrist brace

physical therapy (PT)

treatment to rehabilitate patients disabled by illness or injury involving many different modalities - exercise, hydrotherapy, diathermy, and ultrasound


an artificial replacement for diseased or missing body part such as a hip, joint, or limb

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