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A religion that continues to attract followers. Today there are more than 330 million Buddhists.

Caste System

Is a way of organizing people into hundreds of different levels.


Were thick walls that protected against both floods and enemys attacks. Next to it was an enormous grain warehouse.


Laws and Duties

Eightfold Path

Is a set of instructions on the proper way to live.

Four Noble Truths

1.Life is filled with suffering.
2.Suffering is caused by people`s wants and people may want more pleasure, more power, or a longer life.
3.Suffering can be ended if people stop wanting things.
4.To stop wanting things, people must Follow eight basic laws.


One of the worlds oldest religions and grew out of the beliefs of the Aryans.


Is described by both Hindus and Buddhists as a force caused by`s good and bad acts and is said to affect future lives.

Middle Way

Of living for Buddhists and this way of life was meant to be neither too strict nor too easy.


To move from one place to another to live.


Is a man who devotes his life to a religous group and offten give up all they own and live only a religous way of life.


Hindus belive that bad deeds done ine one lifetime must be paid for in a person`s next life.


Is a large landmass that is geographically separated from the rest of a continent


Cirle of Brith, Death, and ReBirth.

Indus River

Begins in the snow -covered mountains of South Asia. ( Now it go`s threw China, India, and Pakistan.)

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