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Network+ Guide to Networks - sixth edition (chapter 10 review)

Network+ Guide to Networks - sixth edition (chapter 10 review)
Which of the following is an advantage to virtualizing many servers in your data center, compared to running each server on a separate physical machine?
Virtualization will conserve resources.
Which of the following applies to virtual machines, no matter what type of virtualization software they are created with?
They exist as files on the hard drive of their host.
You have created a virtual machine on your workstation so that you can test some new applications. You configured the VM's hard disk space to be dynamically allocated. Which of the following will allocate more space for the VM when it needs it?
You are running KVM on a Fedora Linux computer and have configured a virtual server to use the bridged networking type. The IP address of your host machine's NIC is Assuming your physical LAN uses DHCP, which of the following addresses is most likely the one assigned to your virtual server?
Which of the following is the default networking type assigned to vNICs in most virtualization programs?
You have decided to create four virtual Web servers on a Windows 2008 R2 server using Hyper-V R2. Which of the following configuration options would you use to make sure the Web servers are accessible to users across the Internet?
External virtual network
You work second shift and share a desktop workstation with your colleagues who work on the first and third shifts. Each of you has a separate virtual machine on the workstation. When your third-shift coworker installs a new program on his VM, it causes his operating system to stop working. What happens as a consequence?
Nothing changes for your VM.
Each of the VMs on your host computer is configured to use the NAT networking type. They can still pick up e-mail and surf the Web. How are they getting their IP addresses?
From the host machine's virtualization software
Which of the following network configuration types is best used for a company's e-mail server?
Which of the following network configuration types prevents VMs from exchanging traffic with nodes other than the workstation they are installed on?
You manage a data center for a large ISP that hosts virtual Web and mail servers for many customers. One of your physical servers has four NICs and hosts four mail servers. How many vNICs can you assign to each of the mail servers?
It depends on the virtualization software.
Because of the functions it performs, each port on a virtual switch can also be considered a:
Virtual bridge
You have created multiple virtual machines on your workstation to test different unified communications programs. You want these machines to be available to your IT colleagues for testing, but you do not want the traffic generated by their use to interfere with routine business LAN traffic. Meanwhile, on another workstation a coworker has installed additional communications programs for review. You decide to create a new VLAN devoted to software evaluation. Where do you add your coworker's virtual machines to the new VLAN?
On your friend's host workstation, where the virtual machines reside
How must a physical NIC be configured so that it can connect its host's VMs to multiple VLANs?
As a trunk
To complete its VPN connection, your computer is using RDP. Which of the following VPN types are you participating in?
In which of the following situations would you use RDP?
To enable someone else to control your workstation, which is running a Windows operating system
ou have decided to set up a VPN between your home and your friend's home so that you can run a private digital telephone line over your DSL connections. Each of you has purchased a small Cisco router for terminating the VPN endpoints. Which of the following protocols could you use to create a tunnel between these two routers?
A VPN is designed to connect 15 film animators and programmers from around the state of California. At the core of the VPN is a router connected to a high-performance server used for storing the animation files. The server and router are housed in an ISP's data center. The ISP provides two different T3 connections to the Internet backbone. What type of connection must each of the animators and programmers have to access the VPN?
Any type of Internet connection
Which of the following functions makes VPN protocols unique?
The ability to create tunnels
As a business owner, you have decided to outsource all of your company's IT services to a cloud computing service provider. How can your clients and employees access these services?
All of the above