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Social Psychology

Which of the following statements about conformity is correct?
None of the above.
Why does attitude inoculation (McGuire) work? Attitude inoculation...
encourages people to think about the issues and to generate counter-arguments
Which of the following statements about attitude change methodology is correct?
Self-report scales are more reactive than physiological measures.
Informational social influence is to____________as normative social influence is to _________.
Private acceptance; public compliance.
The logical, fact-based approach is used in advertisements most effectively when the basis of the attitude is _____.
Cognitive and the problem the product can solve is important to viewers.
Which of the following situations is likely to produce the least obedience to authority? (hint: research on both obedience and conformity is relevant)
Orders given to several people, one of whom disobeys, from an authority figure who is physically absent.
The compliance tactic known as "foot in the door" relies on which of the following tactics?
Make a small request and when that is accepted, come back with a larger one.
According to natural selection, those with genes best suited to an environment are likely to...
Survive and reproduce.
Which statement about social norms is FALSE?
Social norms control us so successfully that we do not sense their presence.
When faced with stress, women are more likely than men to
In physiological and subjective responses to sexual stimuli,
Men and women are more similar than different.
Evolutionary explanations of gender differences have been criticized because they
Do not explain cultural changes in behavior that occur over relatively short periods of time.
When Milgram conducted his first series of experiments with a sample of 20 to 50 year old men, he found that about 65 percent of them...
Went clear to 450 volts.
When Milgram's experimental series was reenacted in Bridgeport, Connecticut, far from the prestige and authority of Yale University, the proportion of participants who fully complied with orders to shock the learner _______ compared to the Yale rate.
The _______ route to persuasion occurs when people are influenced by incidental cues, such as a speaker's attractiveness.
Sally is interested in purchasing a DVD player, and is overwhelmed by the many different models available at her local electronics store. She decides to consult a magazine devoted to reviewing the quality of home electronics. After reading a number of articles stating the pros and cons of each model, she decides on a DVD player. Sally has been persuaded to purchase this particular DVD player via the _________ route to persuasion.
According to Myers (text), advertisers for beverages and clothing tend to adopt marketing strategies that use the _______ route to persuasion.
Alicia has a fairly weak case to present to her supervisor. In order to be more persuasive, she should...
Put him in a good mood.
According to your text, people most vulnerable to cults are usually...
Under the age of 25 and facing a personal crisis.
Exposing people to weak attacks on their attitudes, which then stimulates thinking in support of the initial attitude is known as...
Attitude inoculation.
Knowing that someone is trying to coerce you may prompt you to the opposite of that person's wishes. This response is predicted by...
Reactance theory.
Conformity based on a person's desire to fulfill others' expectations, often to gain their acceptance, is called...
Normative influence.
Ahmed generally likes to go home to visit his family during vacation. However, after his father tells him that he must be home during spring vacation, Ahmed decides to remain at college. Ahmed's behavior is best understood in terms of...
Psychological reactance.
Research found that having people first sign a petition against landmines increased the likelihood that Internet users would contribute to a fund for victims of landmines. This is an example of the _______ phenomenon.