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  1. Mitochondria
  2. DNA
  3. RNA
  4. Cytoplasm
  5. Hypothesis
  1. a Letters we use to refer to deoxyribonucleic acid, which is the molecule inside every living thing that contains all the information about that thing.
  2. b The jelly-like substance inside a cell, in which all the organelles float.
  3. c An educated guess.
  4. d The DNA's messenger, which copies part of the information that is in the DNA and then leaves the nucleus.
  5. e The organelles inside a cell that give the cell power.

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  1. The membrane that surrounds the nucleus.
  2. The organelles that look like stacked pancakes and store proteins and fats.
  3. Special organelles that help cells reproduce.
  4. These are strung together to make genes.
  5. The oath doctors take which states that they will always do good and never harm people.

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  1. HookeThe scientist who used a microscope to examine cork, naming the little boxes he saw "cells."


  2. LeeuwenhoekA personality that is artistic and thoughtful.


  3. TissueA group of cells of the same type.


  4. CadaversA personality that likes to be in control.


  5. LysosomesOrganelles that protect the cell from foreign invaders and break down chemicals.