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  1. Lysosomes
  2. Organ
  3. Nuclear Membrane
  4. Hippocrates
  5. Vesalius
  1. a A famous Greek philosopher that believed the body has four liquids that need to be balanced in order to be healthy.
  2. b The membrane that surrounds the nucleus.
  3. c A French scientist who questioned Galen's ideas and dissected human cadavers.
  4. d Organelles that protect the cell from foreign invaders and break down chemicals.
  5. e A group of tissues that work together to form a special body function.

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  1. A group of cells of the same type.
  2. Tiny organisms (such as those sometimes found in pigs) that can infect humans and steal nutrients from the person they infect, as well as make the person sick.
  3. These are strung together to make genes.
  4. Tiny organisms that can cause diseases.
  5. The oath doctors take which states that they will always do good and never harm people.

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  1. MitochondriaA personality that likes to be in control.


  2. ChromosomesDNA is packaged into units called ______. Your body has 46 of these units.


  3. RNAThe DNA's messenger, which copies part of the information that is in the DNA and then leaves the nucleus.


  4. PhlegmaticA personality that likes to be in control.


  5. Cell MembraneThe membrane that surrounds the nucleus.


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