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  1. Sanguine
  2. Organ
  3. Cell Membrane
  4. Hippocratic Oath
  5. Cytoplasm
  1. a The wall around a cell.
  2. b The oath doctors take which states that they will always do good and never harm people.
  3. c The jelly-like substance inside a cell, in which all the organelles float.
  4. d A group of tissues that work together to form a special body function.
  5. e A personality that is excitable and full of energy.

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  1. These are strung together to make genes.
  2. The name of the four liquids that Hippocrates believed would bring health to the body, if a person had equal amounts of the liquids.
  3. The organelles inside a cell that give the cell power.
  4. Two letters that we use to refer to the endoplasmic reticulum, which transports chemicals and gets rid of waste in a cell.
  5. The study of how all the parts of the body function.

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  1. PhlegmaticA personality that is easy to get along with and usually happy.


  2. HippocratesTiny organisms (such as those sometimes found in pigs) that can infect humans and steal nutrients from the person they infect, as well as make the person sick.


  3. NucleusThe control center of the cell.


  4. GlucoseA kind of sugar the cell uses.


  5. MelancholyA personality that is artistic and thoughtful.