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quotes terms


eggs are fertilised and some are chosen to be used


artifical insemination by the husband - both egg and sperm are from the couple


artificial semination by the donor sperm donated by a man who is not the husband

Good Samaritan

"Treat others as you would like to be treated"

Science Can Achieve

the most loving thing


deliberate termination of a foetus

Sanctity of life

All humans are made in the image of God

Christians believe

life begins at the moment of contraception

Abortion is Acceptable If 1.

the woman has been raped or is a victim of incest

Abortion is Acceptable If 2.

the mothers health is at serious risk

Abortion is Acceptable If 3.

the baby is likely to have serious physical or mental disabilities

Abortion is Acceptable If 4.

the mother is too young to look after the baby


quick and easy death for a terminally ill patient

6th commandment

"thou shalt not kill"


nursing home where a terminally ill patient can receive pain relief and have a dignified death

Christians Believe animals

dont have souls


medical experiments on animals

Law of abortion

abortion is not allowed after 24 weeks

Double Effect

right medical process of pain releif can result in death of the patient

Active Euthanasia

When a person has asked for treatment so they can die with dignity (assisted suicide)

Diane Pretty

asked for Active euthansia

Passive Euthanasia

treatment withdrawn so the patient dies

Quality of life

make you own choices and feel life is worth living

Slippery Slope

If you legalise something it may be taken advantage of

Just War

Use of war as a last resort

St Thomas Aquinas

Just war states that christians should go to war if with meets his 5 points

Just War 1.

It is declared by a government

Just War 2.

the reason for war must be fair

Just War 3.

it should end evil and produce peace

Just War 4.

it must be a last resort

Just War 5.

force used must only be enough to win - civilians should be protected

To stand up and fight

could be the most loving thing


all violence is wrong

Matt 5:9

"blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called god children"

Matt 5:44

"love your enemies and pray for your persecutors"

Conscientious Objector

refused to fight because they believe war is wrong


all loving


all knowing


all powerful

prison aims 1.

deterrence - stop others from committing the crime

prison aims 2.

protection - protect society from the criminal

prison aims 3.

retribution - pay criminal back for the crime

prison aims 4.

reformation - make crimal a better person

Howard League for Penal Reform

work with prisoners to turn them away from crime

Elizabeth Fry

Quaker - first christian to stress need for human rights for prisoners

Capital Punishment

Death penalty

Amnesty International

campaigns against capital punishment

Galatians 3:28

"there is neither Jew nor Greek, male or female; you are all one in Jesus Christ"

Lords Prayer

"forgive us our sins as we forgive others"


Holy Communion

Matthews Gospel

"if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly father will also forgive you."

The sacrament of reconciliation

they repent and the priest forgives them

Ecumenical Movement

provides oppertunity for unity amoung christians

Genesis 3

"made equal in the image of god"

Martin Luther King

campaigned against racism non-violently

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