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uncountable noun - the set of rules or customs that control accepted behavior in particular social groups or social situations
uncountable noun - clothes, especially of a particular or formal type
Are jeans appropriate ☆ for a wedding?
adjective - short and clear, expressing what needs to be said without unnecessary words
noun - a system of organizing time that defines the beginning, length, and divisions of a year.
colander 漏盆
noun - a bowl with small holes in it, used for washing food or for emptying food into when it has been cooked in water
verb - to take a deep breath with your mouth wide open, because you are tired or bored
verb - to have a strong and earnest desire
noun - fibers that have been spun together
adjective - rare
noun - a mark on the skin that is left after a cut or other wound has healed.
verb -<to frighten
noun - a pleasant natural smell
adjective - not enough or barely enough
noun - the long hair growing upon and about the neck of certain animals, as the horse and the lion
verb - to pretend to sing, play, or say something without making any sound
noun - a large area of flat land with few trees
adjective - with no pattern or decoration
adjective - 1) [before noun] relating to society and living together in an organized way 2) friendly, ☆ people like to meet and spend time with other people
laughing stock
noun SINGULAR - someone or something that seems stupid or silly, especially by trying to be serious or important and not succeeding
set somebody up
idiom - to trick, trap someone
set something up
idiom - to arrange, organize something
adjective - excellent
like a star; most important
stand somebody up
idiom - disappoint someone by not coming to a date on purpose
make ends meet
idiom - to have just enough money to pay for the things that you need
adjective - wealthy
adjectives - withdrawn, standing apart from others
noun - a line of people who are all walking or traveling in the same durection, especially in a formal way as part of a religious ceremony or public celebration
usually plural - something that you own or that you are carrying with you at a particular time
bring to 甦醒
idiom - restore to consciousness
She fainted, smelling salts b☆t her ☆.
come to 甦醒
idiom - to regain consciousness
She fainted again, we tried to get her to ☆ ☆.
verb - to destroy or reduce the pleasure, interest, or beauty of something
information in a newspaper article, blog, etc. that tells you what happens in a movie, which may spoil your enjoyment of it if you have not already seen it
as a duck takes to water
idiom - easily and smoothly; naturally
sitting duck
idiom - a defenseless victim, an easy target
duck soup
idiom - something that is very easy to do
take something for granted
idiom - to never think about something because you believe it will always be available or stay exactly the same
take to someone or something
idiom - 1) to become fond of or attracted to someone or something
The first time she skied she t☆k ☆ it. 2) develop as a habit or steady practice
He t☆k ☆ coming home later and later.
take precautions
idiom - take actions to prevent something unpleasant or dangerous happening
let something out
idiom - to tell about a secret or a plan
let out something
idiom - to scream or yell
She ☆ ☆ a cry when she saw the snake in the bathtub.
leave off
idiom - to stop doing or using
Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit told her children to ☆ ☆ running around the kitchen.
I picked up The Tales of Beatrix Potter and began reading from where I l☆t ☆.
leave out
idiom - omit, fail to include
leave to one's own devices
idiom - 1) to allow someone to do as he or she pleases 2) to force someone to cope or manage without assistance
lend itself to something
idiom - to be suited for something, especially some kind of purpose or use
Lemon juice and lemon peels ☆ themselves ☆ strawberry cheese cake.
distance lends enchantment (to the view) 距離就是...美
idiom - when one is removed from something, it becomes deceptively appealing
bitter gourd
Brussels sprouts