CH 17: Plate Tectonics

The Pacific coastline if found
near a subduction zone
Which of the following was used as evidence for plate tectonics?
a. topographic profiles of the ocean floors
b. maps on rock magnetism
c. data classifying rocks by age
d. sea floor spreading
e. all of the above

The continents of Eurasia and North America are currently moving apart at an average rate of
5 cm per year
are an abrupt release of energy
The North American plate
extends from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to the edge of the Pacific Plate
Example of a continental convergent plate boundary
a. the East African Rift Valley
b. the San Andreas Fault
c. the Atlantic east coast fall line
d. Mount St. Helens in the northwest United States
e. the Himalayan Mountains

Answer: E
Divergent plate boundaries are associated with
a. seafloor spreading.
b. formation of new crust.
c. volcanic action.
d. shallow, low-energy earthquakes.

How often does the oceanic plate material of the Earth renew itself; i.e., go through one replacement cycle?
evert 200 million years
The transform plate boundaries
are exemplified by the San Andreas fault
Where is the longest mountain range on Earth
Mid-Atlantic Ocean Ridge
Which formula would you use to determine the age of the Atlantic Ocean basin?
D = R T
What evidence convinced most scientists to accept the theory of plate tectonics?
a. ocean topography
b. magnetism of the ocean basin rocks
c. discovery of the Mid-Atlantic Rift zone
d. radiometric dating of the basaltic rocks

What causes the Ring of Fire, which boxers much of the Pacific Ocean?
plate subduction
Wave that is classified as a type of seismic wave following earthquakes?
a. transverse
b. compressional
c. longitudinal
d. shear waves

T/F: Mountains on the Earth are continuously being formed.
T/F: Energy from earthquakes is transmitted as light waves
T/F: Evidence for Earth's magnetic reversals has been found in the East African Rift Zone.
T/F: An earthquake with a magnitude 7 on the Richter Scale releases 100 times the energy of an earthquake with a magnitude 5.
T/F: The ocean floor is a flat plain collecting sediments from the continents.
T/F: Rocks collected at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and dated with radioactive isotopes are among the oldest rocks on earth
T/F: Tidal waves came as frequently as the tides
T/F: Man may have evolved his upright stance from a need to adapt to divergent plate boundaries.
T/F: The Appalachian Mountains are among the youngest on Earth.
T/F: The specific surface features created by convergent plate boundaries depend on whether the plates are continental or oceanic.
T/F: The speed of a seismic wave depends partly on the type of seismic wave that is moving.
What are the surface features associated with convergent plate boundaries?
Converging plates can result in deep ocean trenches, nonvolcanic mountains, or coastal mountain ranges with an ocean trench offshore.
Is Hawaii a hot spot
What is always characteristic of a tectonic plate?
comprised of crust and some mantle material
Subduction zone regions are often the locations of
a. active volcanoes.
b. the disappearance of old plate material.
c. the world's highest mountains.
d. severe earthquakes.

What is the force that moves continents and tectonic plates?
a. convection cells
b. mantle convection
c. radioactive decay
d. heat energy left from the great bombardment

Most mountains have not eroded to a flat plain in the last 500,000 years because
mountains are reformed by tectonic uplift that is greater than or equal to the erosional forces.
The only currently active plate boundary within the continental United States is the
San Andreas Fault
Which of the following would not be seen in the United States?
a. chunks of land called terranes
b. an old spreading "rift" plate boundary
c. a "hot spot" with active volcanoes
d. a mountain range created from the collision of two continents
e. a mountain range formed when molten rock pushed up sediments

Answer: B
What part of Hawaii Island chain is the oldest?
The difference between continental and ocean basin rock is
ocean rock are basaltic and continental rocks are granite
T/F: Compared to the oceanic plates, the continental plates are thicker and comprised of lower-density rock.
What would be an architectural specification for a skyscraper built in an earthquake-prone region?
flexible with shock preserves