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Chapter 7 Absolutism


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By the end of King Phillip II's reign, Spain had...
become the most populous empire in the world.
Phillip II of Spain was known to: Catholocim as...
Elizabeth of England was known to: Protestantism.
What does the divine right theory state?
Kings receive power from God and are responsible to God alone.
Which of the following were Protestants in England who were inspired by Calvinist ideas?
Oliver Cromwell's defeat of the king's forces allowed him to...
take control of England and eventually establish an entirely pro-Catholic Parliament.
The foundation for a constitutional monarchy in England was laid by the...
Bill of Rights
Absolutism is...
a system of government in which a ruler holds total power.
Louis XIV (14) maintained complete authority as monarch by...
distracting the nobles and royal princes with court life, to keep them out of politics.
The style of painting known as_______reflected a search for power.
The work of William Shakespeare is perhaps the best example of________literature.
Seven percent of the total French population were...
The Edict of Nantes recognized Catholicism as the official religionof France, and...
gave the Huguenots the right to worship and to enjoy all political privileges.
The Thirty Years War involved all the major European powers except which nation?
The Rump Parliament was...
what was left after Cromwell purged the members who did not support him.
What ws the Glorious Revolution?
the invasion of England by William of Orange, which overthrew James II with almost no bloodshed
Which of the following granted Puritans, but not Catholics, the right of public worship?
the Peace of Westphalia
Cardinal Richelieu strengthened the power of the monarchy by....
taking away the Huguenots' political and military rights and executing conspirators.
Which of the following sought to increase the wealth and power of France by following the ideas of...
Jean-Baptiste Colbert
How did the Thirty Years war begin?
Bohemian Protestants flung Catholic officials out of a castle into a pile of manure below
Why did Henry IV (4) convert to Catholicism after becoming king of France?
He wanted to avoid war with Phillip II.
How did the Hapsburgs try to unify the people they ruled?
by unifying their religion.
________were French Protestants influenced by John Calvin.
Which two groups were involved in the civil wars in France?
Catholics and Puritans
Which of the following means one who believed he received his power from God and was responsible only to God?
divine right of Kings
Junkers are to Prussia as_________are to Russia.
Which of the following was NOT a result of the Spanish armada's attack on England?
England took over Spain's colonial possessions
He was the leader of the New Model Army of soldiers that were well disciplined and trained.
Oliver Cromwell
________the person depicted in the painting above, was the best example of absolutism in the seventeenth century.
Louis XIV (14)
Who ended the Time of Troubles when he took power of Russia?
Michael Romanov