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Bony landmarks, origin, insertion and action.

Sternoclavicular joint

The joint which attaches the sternum to the clavicle

Acromioclavicular joint

The joint which connects the acormion process to the clavicle

Glenohumeral joint

The ball and socket joint which connects the glenoid cavity to the humerus

Infraspinious, supraspinus and subscapular fossa

The (3) scapular fossae contain these three muscles.


Muscle that abducts the shoulder at the glenohumeral joint and stabalizes the head of the humerus in the glenoid cavity.

Attachments for the Supraspinatus

Supraspinious fossa of the scapula and the greater tubercle of the humerus.

Infraspinatus/Teres Minor

Muscle that Laterally rotates the shoulder at the glenohumeral joint. Also adducts, extends and stabilizes the shoulder.

Attachments for the Infraspinatus

Infraspinous fossa of the scapula and the greater tubercle of the humerus

Greater Tubercle of the Humerus

The common attachment site for Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, and teres minor

Attachments for the subscapularis

Subscapular fossa of the scapula and the lesser tubericle of the humerus

Attachments for the Deltoid

Deltoid Tuberosity and the lateral 1/3rd of the clavicle acromion and spine of the scapula

What is the common action of all fibers of the deltoid?

Abduct the shoulder

Attatchment of the Trapezius

Attatches to the Occiput, ligamentum nuchae and the spinous process c7-T12, lateral 1/3rd of the clavicle, acromion and spine of the scapula

nickname for teres major

Lat's little helper.

Attachments for Lat. dorsi

Originates at the Spinous process of the last six thorasic vertebrate, last 3-4 ribs, thoracolumbar aponeurosis and posterior iliac crest and inserts at the crest of the lesser tubercle of the humerus

Action for Lat. dorsi and Teres Major

Muscle that extends, adducts and medially rotates the shoulder at the glenohumeral joint

Attachments for Teres Major

Attaches at the lateral side of the inferior angle and lover half of the lateral border of the scapula. Inserts at the crest of the lesser tubercle of the humerus

Attachments for Rhomboids major and minor

Spinus process for C7-T5 to the medial border of the scapula between the sine of the scapula and the inferior angle

Attachments for the Levator Scapula

Transverse processes of the first thru fourth cervicle vertebrate and the upper medial border and superior angle of the scapula

Action for the Rhomboids

Adduct, elevate and downwardly rotate the scapula

Actions of the Levator Scapula

Unilaterally elevate, downwardly rotate the scapula and laterally flex the head and neck, rotate the neck to the same side

Three Muscles that make up the Erector Spinae group

Longissimus, iliocostalis, and spinalis

Actions of the Erector Spinae group

Laterally flex the vertebral column to the same side and extend the vertebral column

The common tendon for the Erector spinae group

thoracolumbar aponeurosis

Attachments for the Longissimus and illiocostalis

Attaches to the posterior surface of the sacrum, iliac crest, spinous processes of the lumbar and last two thoracic vertebrate then inserts at various attachments at the posterior ribs, spinous and transverse process of the thoracic and cervical vertebrate, mastoid and temporal bone.

Actions of the Quadratus Lumborum

Laterally tilts the pelvis, laterally flexes the vertebral column to the same side. Note also also fixes the last rib during inhalation and forced exhalation

Atachment for the Quadratus Lumborum

Posterior Iliac Crest and the last rib and transverse process of the first thru fourth lumbar vertebrate

Three muscles of the Transversospinalis Group

Multifidi, rotatores, semispinalis capitis

Multifidi, rotatores and semispinalis capitis

the deepest erectors in the lamina grove that rotate the vertebral column to the appropriate side.

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