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Chapter 15: Boom and Bust


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When a money lender takes ownership of a property because there was a failure to make payments
Great Depression
The 1930s economic crisis that began with the stock market crash of 1929
New Deal
Federal programs to try to improve the economy and try to end the depression, created when FDR was president.
the period from 1920 to 1933, when the manufacture, transport, and sale of alcohol was illegal
a share of ownership in a company
stock market
a place where stocks are bought and sold
Aid for people experiencing financial hardship
After WWI, people were listening to a new type of music. This kind of music was common in speakeasies.
Illegal bars that sold alcohol
Changes for women in 1920's
Hair and dresses were shorter, more were attending college, taking jobs, driving automobiles, and voting in elections
The year prohibition went into effect
These people controlled the supply of bootleg, or illegal, liquor
The year prohibition ended, because it did not reduce drinking alcohol, and crime had increased.
World War I
After this war, farm prices dropped, causing many farmers to lose money, and some farmers went broke
October 29, 1929
The day of the stock market crash that triggered the Great Depression
Salvation Army
An organization that provides welfare to people without jobs or homes
The bank
When a farm went into foreclosure, who would take ownership of the farm?
Franklin D. Roosevelt
President elected in 1932
St. Paul
City in Minnesota considered a safe haven for gangsters during Prohibition
fireside chats
President Roosevelt's messages to the American people over the radio
name for young women who changed their hair and style of dress in the 1920s
the Charleston
a popular dance of the jazz age
Rural Electrification Administration (REA)
New Deal program that helped to bring electricity to rural farms in Minnesota
Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA)
New Deal program that raised prices for farm products to provide relief to farmers
Works Progress Administration (WPA)
New Deal program that provided money to put people to work building roads, repairing schools, building ball fields
Department of Public Relief
City department that gave welfare to homeless and poor

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