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place or desert where water can be found
a flat plain formed on the seabed where river deposits material over many years
people who move from place to place
happens when people in an area move into cities, and those cities populate and grow larger
a kind of tourism in which people learn about conversation and try to do little or no harm to the environment
illegal hunting
a semiarid, fairly dry area that lies between the Sahara and the regions to the south collect more water.
a landscape of flat grasslands with scatterted trees that can survive dry spells.
arable land
land thats fit for farming.
the change from arable land to this kind of land.
the loss of forrest cover that occurs when the trees in the forrest are removed faster when they can grow back.
moquitoes spred this it is a life threatning disease.
great rift valley
this is long and unusually flat area of land between areas of higher ground in Eastern- Africa.
serengeti plain
the most famous part of savanna is this place its in Kenya and Tanzania.
What are the two important rivers in this region?
chad; niger river and congo river.
How is the tropical wet climate different from a tropical wet and dry climate?
Its different because when its wet its tropical when its dry its warm.
What are some ways in which sahel is different from the tropical wet zone?
A sahel is fairly dry area, and the south recieves more rainfall. Rain falls plentifull all year long, and tempatures are warm year-round.
Why do so few of chads people live in the north of the country and many people live in the south?
They live in the south because there is more arable land, and in the north they dont have as much farm land and they also have more dessert.
What is one problem oil production causes in Nigeria?
It seeps into wetlands, forrests, and farmlands. It pollutes air and water and causes fires.
How do lakes and rivers affect plant, animal, and human life in southern and eastern africa?
Rivers serve as a transportation network. a transportation network are used to move people or things.
What are some animals that live in savanna?
Large herds of lions, elephants, zebras, and girrafes.
What resources help make countries like South africa more prosperous than other?
they have the richest deposites of mineral recources. examples: gold, platnium, and dimonds
Why might a dam in uganda cause trouble in Sudan?
Dams bulit in Uganda take water away from Sudan.
what is an oasis, and why would people live near one?
It is a dessert and water can be found there.
What single factor most affects where people live in North Africa life?
Who decides to get the water is a difficult issue.
What have been the positive and the negative changes caused by the aswan high dam?
It allows people to grow more crops,and use water more efficiently. stopped flooding and produces electricity. The negative effects are farmers must use chemical fertilizers, and pollutes water. ect....
How has urbanization affected north africa?
The problems it has caused are cities have trouble providing drinking water, to so many people and the cities are serverly over crowded.
How does the Suez Canal affect world trade?
Oil is the number one trade and that it passes through the canal.
How are west and central africas populations changing?
The dieases there cause many problems which means people dont live as long.
Which two North African countries have the largest oil reserves?
Algeria and Libya
How did south Asia change North Africa?
The closeness to Europe, Asia, and Africa south of the Sahara has helped shaped life there for thousands of years.