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Cities and Neighborhoods

Speaking/Writing Tasks: How is living in the U.S. different for you from living in your country? What do you like about your living situation? What do you dislike about your living situation? What's your place in the U.S. like? What chores do you do around the house? Have you or your friends had any problems with your house or in your neighborhood?

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He _______ to Pleasant Hill two months ago. = when you go to live or work in a different place
move out
She wants to _______ of her homestay and get an apartment with some friends. = pack your things and leave your old house to go to a new place.
Her neighborhood is very ________. = when everything is nearby and easy to get
in the middle of nowhere
She lives _________. = (idiom) very far from everything stores, schools, etc; very inconvenient
on your own
Do you live _____? = (idiom) by yourself and without help from others
We talked about the _____ of our neighborhood. = the opposite of danger
We have to _____ the door when we leave the house. = usually with a key, so that other people cannot open
break in
There was a _____ at our apartment building last week. = going into a place to steal things
There is a burglar ______ at IEC. = a piece of equipment that makes a loud noise to warn you of danger.
His house is four ____ from the BART station. = the distance along a city street from where one street crosses it to the next
My roommates always ______ me when I'm doing my homework. = to annoy someone, especially by interrupting them when they are trying to do something
real estate
They went to a ________ agent to find a house. = someone whose job is to sell houses or land for other people
How much is your ______? = the money you pay each month to the owner of a house or apartment to live there.
Is he a ______ or an owner? = someone who pays money each month to the owner of a house or apartment to live there.
My _______ is really nice. = the owner of a house or apartment who rents the place to other people.
_______ are included with the rent. = the money you pay each month for gas, water, and electricity.
My roommate pays the _____ each month. = a written list showing how much you have to pay for something
We separate our _______. = objects like paper and plastic that can be processed and used again.
You cross the street at the ______. = a specially marked place for people to walk across a street
His _____ is American. = the person you live with and who shares the rent
We both do _____ around the house. = a small job that you have to do regularly, especially work that you do to keep a house clean
take out the garbage
They usually _______ on Tuesdays. = putting trash out on the street.
do the dishes
I have to ______ at my house. = washing plates, cups, glasses, etc.
walk the dog
She has to ______ everyday.
grocery shopping
We usually go ______ on the weekend. = go to a supermarket to buy food, etc.
clean up
He needs to _____ his room. = when you put everything away and make it so things aren't dirty.
do laundry
We usually ______ on the weekend. = wash your clothes
mow the lawn
We have to ______ twice a month. = cut grass near your house.
water the plants
If you don't _____, they will die.
Is there _____ near your house? = a place where you can leave your car.
My roommates sometime _____ because I like to play loud music. = to say that you are annoyed, not satisfied, or unhappy about something or someone
The utilities are _____ with the rent. = when something is part of another thing
The apartment is not _______. = comes with furniture
They signed a one-year ______. = a legal paper that says you can use a building for a period of time, in return for rent
The sink is leaking, so we need to call a _____.
The lights are not working, so we need to call an _______.
There are bugs in the house, so we need to call an _____.
There a few things around the house that need to be fixed, so let's call a _____.
My roommate is a ______. = a person who is very messy and never cleans
You should not leave ______ in your car. = things that cost a lot of money like jewelry, computers, phones, etc.
We had to pay a $1000 _____ to rent our apartment. = money that you pay when you rent something such as an apartment or car, which will be given back if you do not damage it
laundry room
The apartment building has a ______. = a place to wash clothes
There are several ______ living in that apartment. = people who lives in a house, room etc and pays rent to the person who owns it
I can't _____ the rent, so I'm looking for a cheaper place. = having enough money to buy or pay for something
The apartment is quite _____. = large and with a lot of space.
Her room is really ____. = a place that is small, comfortable, and warm (positive meaning)
Her office is very ____. = a place that does not have enough space for the people in it
They recently _____ the apartment, so it looks like it is new. = to repair a building so that it is in good condition again:
The _____ took their TV and jewelry. = a person who breaks into your house and steals things.
There was a ____ near our house. = when somebody steals something
I needed more _____, so I got my own apartment. = when you are able to be alone, and not seen or heard by other people
I had an 11pm _____ at my homestay. = the time you must be home by
stay out
My roommates often ____ really late. = continue to be outside your home; not at home
They were _____ for not paying their rent. = kicked out of a place you are living

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