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Viruses, Identity Theft and Hackers

Examples of real security and privacy risks


Unwanted electronic email


Programs that give commands to the computer

Blackboard or WebCT

Example of management software

Biomedical chip research

Provides technological solutions to physical problems and to provide a means for positively identifying individuals


The study of molecules and structures whose size ranges from 1 to 100 nanometers

True or Flase: Data mining is the set of techniques used in information handling and retrieval


True or False: Being computer literate means that you should be able to build a computer yourself


True or False: The discrepancy between the "haves" and "have-nots" with regard to computer technology is commonly referred to as the digital society


True or False: A TV tuner allows your computer to receive television channels from a cable connection and display them on your computer monitor


True or False: Becoming computer literate includes being able to understand and form knowledgeable opinions on the challenges facing a digital society


True or False: Employers do not have the right to monitor email and network traffic on employee systems used at work


True or False: Ranchers use VeriChips to track their cattle


True or False: The seven fastest-growing occupations are computer related


True or False: Nanostructures represent the smallest human -made structures that can be built


True or False: Information technology careers are on the rise



Type of chip implanted in humans as a means of verifying a persons identity


Sent to other countries

Computer Literate

Being familiar enough with computers that you understand their capabilities and limitations and know how to use them

Computer Forensics

The application of computer systems and techniques to gather legal evidence

Identity Theft

The act of stealing someone's identity

System software

The operating system


Application software

Functions of the operating system

1. Provides a way for software applications to work with the CPU. 2. Manages the processor. 3. Provides a user interface

The minimum RAM requirement to run Windows Vista

1 GB

C drive

The hard drive

With Windows Explorer you can perform the following file management actions

1. Renaming files 2. Opening files 3. Copying Files

The file extension that is added automatically using Microsoft Word 2007 to create a file


Backup utility

Used on Windows to make a duplicate copy of the data on your hard drive

Disk Defragmenter

A Windows utility program that arranges files on your hard drive in sequential order

True or False: The user interface is part of a computers operating system


True or False: Microsoft Word and Excel are examples of system software


True or False: Mac OS is an open-source operating system


True or False: You can legally download versions of Windows XP off of the Internet for free


True or False: A multiuser operating system is also described as a network operating system


True or False: The type of processor in the computer dictates which operating system a desktop uses


True or False: With the Plug and Play standard, adding hardware to your computer becomes easier


True or False: The combination of a computers operating system and application software is referred to as the computers platform


True or False: PnP stands for Plug and Play


True or False: Cell phones use single-user, multitask category of operating system



A special program used by the computers hardware devices and operating system to communicate

Recycle Bin

Where the files deleted from the hard drive are held

Examples of Stand-alone-off-the-shelf programs

Antivirus and security programs

Preemptive Multitasking

The ability of the operating system to perform more than one task at a time


The newest operating system from Microsoft Windows


Data that has been organized or presented in a meaningful fashion

The number of binary digits (or bits) combined to create one byte


Binary language

A unique combination of each letter of the alphabet, each number, and each special character


Approximately one billion bytes

System software

The set of programs that enables the computers hardware devices and application software to work together


An input device

Examples of nonimpact printer

Inkjet and laser printers

True or False: There are two types of CRT monitors on the market: passive-matrix displays and active-matrix displays


True or False: Digital cameras, camcorders, and webcams are common devices for capturing pictures and video and are all considered output devices


True or False: Speakers connect to the VGA port


True or False: Studies have shown that users of MP3 players may experience hearing damage due to excessive volume from ear buds


True or False: Serial ports and parallel ports have long been used to connect input and output devices to the computer


True or False: The four main functions of a computer are inputting data, processing data, outputting the data or information, and communicating the data or information


True or False: External hard drives are often to back up data that is contained on the internal hard drive


True or False: The central processing unit is the largest and most important chip in the computer


True or False: The motherboard is a box that contains the central electronic component of the computer


True or False: Restarting the system while its powered on is called a cold boot



Sometimes referred to as primary storage


Deals with such things as positioning your monitor and wrists correctly

Multifunction or All-in-one

A device that combines the functions of a printer, scanner, copier, and fax into one machine


One of two primary categories of printers


One of two broad categories of software

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