Skeletal Muscle Actions

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trapeziusstabilizes scapula and shoulder during arm movementsPlatysmadraws lower lip and angle of mouth downward in expressions of horror or surpriseLatissimus dorsiadducts and medially rotates humerusRhomboideus major/ Rhomboideus minorretracts scapula and braces shoulderSerratus Posterior Inferioracts to counteract the pull of the diaphragm on the ribs to which it is attachedteres minormodulates action of deltoidteres majorextends & medially rotates humerusinfraspinatusmodulates action of deltoidexternal intercostalwhen scalenes fix rib 1; elevate & protract ribs 2-12Pectoralis majorflexes, adducts, medially rotates humerus (climbing/hugging)Serratus anteriorwith pectoralis minor, draws scapula laterally & forward around chest wallPectoralis minorwith serratus anterior, draws scapula laterally & forward around chest wallInternal intercostalsin inspiration, the intercartilaginous part aids in elevating the ribs & expanding the thoracic cavityExternal abdominal obliquesupports abdominal viscera against pull of gravityRectus abdominisflexes lumbar region of vertebral columnInternal abdominal obliquesupports abdominal viscera against pull of gravity & aids in unilateral contraction causing ipsilateral rotation of waisttransversus abdominalcompresses abdominal contentssupraspinatusaids in abduction of armDeltoidanterior fibers flex & medially rotate armbicep brachiirapid or forceful supination of forearmbrachialisprime mover of elbow flexiontriceps brachiiextends elbowbrachioradialisflexes elbowextensor carpi radialis longusextends wristextensor carpi radialis brevisextends wristflexor carpi radialisflexes wrist anteriorlyGluteus mediusabduct & medially rotate thighflexor carpi ulnarisflexes wrist anteriorlyextensor digitorumextends wristgluteus maximusextends thigh at hip as in stair climbingsartoriusaids in knee and hip flexionvastus medialisextends kneevastus lateralisextends kneerectus femorisextends kneegracilisflexes & medially rotates tibia at kneeadductor longusadducts & medially rotates thighadductor magnusadducts & medially rotates thighsemitendinosusflexes kneesemimembranosusflexes kneebiceps femorisflexes kneetibialis anteriordorsiflexes & inverts footextensor digitorum longusextends toesfibularis (peroneus) longusdorsiflexes & everts foot during walkinggastrocnemicusplantar flexes footsoleusplantar flexes footflexor digitorum longusflexes phalanges of digits II-V as foot is raised from groundtensor fasciae lataeextends kneediaphragmprime mover of inspirationgluteus minimusabduct & medially rotate thigh