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repetitive stress disorders

disorders that have symptoms caused by repetitive motions that involve muscles, tendons, nerves & joints. most often occurs as workplace or sports injuries


study of human factors that affect the design and operation of tools & the work environment

overuse injuries

minor issue injuries that have not been given time to heal. May be caused by spending hours @ the keyboard or by lengthy sports training sessions

myofascial damage

caused by overworking the muscles, results in tenderness and swelling of the muscles & their surrounding tissues

rotator cuff tendinitis

inflammation of the tendons of the rotator cuff, often named "tennis shoulder" or "pitcher's shoulder"

impingement syndrome

when the tendons become inflamed and get caught in the narrow space between the bones within the shoulder joint

calcium deposits

may form within the tendons of the rotator cuff; cause chronic irritation of the tendons

torn tendon

tearing of a tendon caused by untreated overuse = weaknened & torn

capral tunnel

narrow bony passage under the carpal ligament located 1/4 inch below the inner surface of the wrist

carpal tunnel syndrome

occurs when the tendons passing through the carpal tunnel are chronically overused and become inflamed & swollen. Swelling creates pressure on the median nerve that passes through the tunnel. Causes PAIN, BURNING & PARASTHESIA in the fingers & hand

cervical radiculopathy

nerve pain caused by pressure on the spinal nerve roots in the neck region; pressure may be caused by muscle spasms due to repetitive motions or by compression of certain vertebral disks


inflammation of tissues surrounding the elbow

lateral epicondylitis

aka - tennis elbow; pain on the outer side of the arm of the forearm

medial epicondylitis

aka - golfer's elbow; pain on the palm-side of the forearm

plantar fasciitis

inflammation of the plantar fascia causing foot or heel pain when walking or running.

heel spur

thickening on the surface of the calcaneus bone that causes severe pain when standing

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