Chapter 19-20 Protists and Fungi Chapter checked by {LANCON}

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They are both heterotrophic
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used for making antibiotics like penicilin, others make some types of cheeses, soft drinks, etc.List the basic facts of Deuteromycotes.decomposing waste, dead organisms, and debris, they break down complex organic substances into raw materials that other living organisms needWhat is the main job of fungi? What happens during this process?they form a psudopodia or "false feet," which is basically like walking but they don't have any limbsHow does an amoeba move and feed?dinoflagellates -- mostly multicellular marine seaweeds; affects the nerve cells"Red tide" is associated with what category of algae grouping together? What does red tide affect?2 flagella; cells spin slowly as flagella beat; major component of phytoplankton; some are bioluminescent; some produce toxinsKnow all characteristics/features of dinoflagellates.animal like protistWhat is a protozoan?