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Cells (Basics)

All organisms are made of cells, the simplest collection of matter.

Electron Microscope (Types)

Scanning: Create 3D Images of a cell's structure

Transmission: Study a cell's internal ultrastructure

Cell Fractionation (Basics & Tools)

Separates cells to its organelles which helps us study its function by using a Centrifuge

What 4 organelles are in every cell type?

- Plasma Membrane
- Cytosol (Semifluid)
- Chromosome (Carry Gene)
- Ribosome (Make Protein)

Prokaryotic (Basics & DNA & Associations)

Has no nucleus or membrane bound organelles so the DNA is in the nucleoid.

Includes Bacteria & Archaea.

Eukaryotics (Basic & Associations)

Has a nucleus and membrane bound organelles.

Includes Protists, Fungi, Animals, and Plants

Eukaryotics vs. Prokaryotics in Size.

Eukaryotics are larger. But their size is limited by cellular metabolism.

Microscope (Types)

Light: Focuses Light. For Cells, Nucleus, & Bacteria.

Electron: Focuses Electron. For Organelles, Bacteria, & Atoms.

What 3 organelles are in animal cells only?

Lysosomes, Centrosomes, and Flagella

What 4 organelles are in plant cells only?

Chloroplasts, Central Vacuole, Cell Wall, and Plasmodesmata

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