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Functions of the Skin

1.Regulation of Body Temp
2.Blood Reservoir
4.Excretion and Absorption
5.Vitamin D Synthesis

How does skin regulate body temp?

Sweat and chill bumps


Replacement for the Stratum Corneum; Non-living substance that forms a waterproof covering

How can the Stratum Corneum destroy bacteria?

It's slightly warm


Thickening of the skin that grows inward


Ridges into which stratum germinativum are thrown; characteristic can be used for protection

Arrector Pili

muscle attached to the hair follicle


Name for the dermis layer of skin

Sudoriferous Glands

Glands that produce sweat

600 ml

Average amount of sweat produced per day

Sebaceous Glands

produce wax which lubricate skin keeping it waterproof and soft

Structures of the Hair

1.Shaft in Dermis
2.Medulla or inner layer

Structure of the Nail

1.Cuticle layer or cortex
2.Hard, Keratinzed Plate
3.Elongated Epidermal Cell

Athletes foot

contagious fungal infection characterized by the formation of small blisters between the fingers and toes


chronic, non-contagious inflammatory skin disease which causes the skin to become dry, itchy, and scaly


Skin disease in which there are red patches covered by silver/flat white scales

Rash or Hives

May develop as the result of an allergic reaction

Layers of the Epidermis

1. Stratum Corneum
2.Stratum Lucidium
3.Stratum Germinivatum
4.Stratum Spinosum
5.Stratum Basale

Layers of the Dermis

1.Papillary Layer
2. Reticular Layer

Layer of the Hypodermis

Adipose Tissue

Stratum Spinosum

Body's first line of defense


Lighter-skinned people have a greater proportion of this in their skin

Three Layers that Compose Hair



Glands found in the ear canal

Stratum Spinosum

Epidermal layer of Melanocytes, Keratinocytes, and Langerhans

Cause of Underarm Odor

Bacteria and secretion from sudoriferous glands

Staphylococcus or Streptococcus

cause of the contagious condition, Impetigo

First Degree Burns

Burns that Involve only the first layer of skin


painful condition that occurs around the nerve endings

Skin Cancer

Most common type of cancer

Basale Cell Carcinoma

has a recovery rate of 75%

Squamous Cell Cancer

found on the face and metastizes

Malignant Melanoma

tumor that may appear as a brown or black irregular patch


Solid, abnormal mass of cells


loss of skin surface may extend to the surface


fluid-filled raised area


raised, itchy, circular patches with crusts


brown or black irregular patch


flat spot, flush with skin area of a different color


elevated sold area


discrete pus-filled area


itchy, temporarily elevated area

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