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Short Answer Chapter 1 Review SS

Briefly Describe The Vikings From different perspectives.
a) A monk in a plundered monastery in france
b) a viking farmer and warrior
A) I Cant Believe how visious they are, they're killing everyone they see.
b) What I'm doing is right, because we vikings need more land.
Why Did European Civilization begin and flourish around the mediterranean
It had everything to support large numbers of people: Fertile soil, plenty of rainfall and sunshine, and a moderate climate.
Outline 3 reasons why the western roman empire collapsed?
b. did the eastern empire collapse of the romans?
A. a)Romans spent to much money on entertainment/ luxuries then they should've.
A. B) Diseases killed thousands of romans.

A. c) They grew weak cause of constant attacks of the germanic people.

B. No it did not.
Outline 3 points about each of judaism, islam, and christianity.
Judaism took shape in Israel, Jewish People have a special relationship with god as his chosen people, Jews keep gods law.

Islam began in the seventh century, the religion is based on the Qur'an, All muslims try to follow the code of worship in the Qur'an.

Christianity was founded by the apostles of Jesus Christ. Jesus taught his followers where to love god with your whole being and love your neighbor. Believers of the bible.
Briefly describe constantine the great and what he did for christianity?
contantine was the first christian to be a roman empirer he decided to make byzantium his capital.
Why were Justinian and Theodora So Important?
They ruled together from 527-565.
Justinian collected Roman written laws into the Justinian Code.
For most people life in the kingdom of the franks was harsh and difficult. Give 3 exp that support this statement.
Slaves were not allowed to move away from the manor. Because they were farmers slaves were at the mercy of the weather.
Storm or drought could cause great hardship. Lords could steal there crops.
Who Was Clovis?
He was the most succesful ruler of his family. Founded the country of france, and made, Paris his capital.
What where two things charlamegne was interested in improving?
Charlamegne was interested in improving education and rebuilding civilizations.
Explain the important roles in the history of the irish monks, the viking skalds, and the anglo saxons story tellers?
Irish Monks spread Christianity, copied out books, Vikings Skalds kept Viking history, and Anglo Saxons story tellers created epics, passed on culture.
Why were the vikings feared in western europe? how did the rulers in western europe attempt to deal with the viking threat?
The people of western europe thought that the vikings were warriors sent from god because they were so crucial in there attacks.Some monarchs and churches paid the vikings to leave there land.