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state diagram
show's the program's current state and where it can go from there
What did the LightBot activity show?
it showed that computers execute functions one at a time
Why is it a good idea to program a little at a time and test frequently?
so that you can/fix errors before the compile up
A Boolean expression, such as an If-Then block in Scratch, executes by
if it is true then it will perform a certain code, if false, it will ignore that condition and move on to other parts of the program
How is a Most Recent variable different from a Fixed variable
the most recent value changes throughout the program, while the fixed value stays constant throughout
Distinguish between and Accumulator and an Aggregator
an accumulator adds all the values together, the aggregator just receives them to list out
How is a Best-so-far variable different from a Most Recent variable
best-so-far checks to see if it is better than the original value, but most recent doesn't check against others
When would a One-Way Flag variable be used
to signal when a level is passed
Why is an Agile design process preferable to a Waterfall design process for software design
because an agile design is a shorter process, which allows for more user input
What is an advantage and disadvantage to file compression
is increases space by making them smaller, but could makes it have less quality
Many variables have a maximum value of 255. What does that tell you about the memory used for that piece of information?
Since 1 byte or 8 bits are being used, that means 8 bits has a maximum value of 225
How is a color stored as digital information (RGB)?
3 bytes are used, one for red, one for blue, and one for green, they each have a minimum value of 0 and a maximum value of 225, their final color will be a mix of all of the components
Distinguish between an event and an event handler.
Event is something happening and the event, like a mouse click and a handler carries out the program of what it does, like the action of clicking a hyperlink
Explain each part of this line of Python code: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import: to bring a library or module into a python program, matplotlib: provides 2D plotting in python, pyplot: module in matplotlib, asplt: short name for matplotlib so that it could be called in the program
How are int, float, boolean , and string data types different
int: an integer that represents numbers and their opposites, float: any real numbers including a decimal point, boolean: true or false, strings: any characters, alphabets, or symbols
What does def do in Python
starts a function definition
How is a Python function called (executed)
the name is invoked, which are followed by arguments in parentheses, if there are no arguments, then there is nothing in the parentheses
Why is a Boolean expression also called a conditional
it goes through conditions, if they are met then it runs through a set of code, if it is false, then it just moves on
What is the difference between using a + to concatenate vs using a + for numeric addition
concatenate joins two strings while numeric addition takes the sum
How would you get Python to return the 4th element a list called items
How is a tuple different from a list
after a number is created it cannot be reassigned
What will be returned by the following expression?
0, 1 ,2
What will n be in the 3rd time through this for loop?
for n in range(5)
How long with the following while loop run?
while raw_input() != winner:
until the value of the raw_input is equal to the winner value
When using Git, what is a commit
it is a saved checkpoint in development of a code
What is data abstraction
ignores the details of how the data, symbols, and sounds, are represented, retrieved, or stored
What is procedural abstraction
ignores how the program is executed
What makes up a UML (Unified Modeling Language) Diagram for a class
class, attribute, and method names
What happens when a class is instantiated
an object, with already set values becomes created
For an ndarray image object named img, what information will len(img) give you
it will give the number of rows for the array, which is the height
For an ndarray image object named img, what information will len(img[0]) give you
it will give you the first row in the array, which is the width
What would you input to determine the Red component of the 20th pixel in the 10th row of the image img
What does the alpha channel control
What is the purpose of a mask when using the paste method of PIL
it determines what areas to make in transparent and which ones to make opaque
A field of CS that focuses on how computers and humans communicate with each other
The pattern that separates a program into discrete components of data, observer, and controller
How do computers send large amounts of data over a network
splitting the data into packets
How is an IPv4 address formatted
four 8 bit numbers (0,255) separated by decimal points
What is the purpose of DNS
to provide a human friendly address for internet destinations

what is the scheme and protocol
https (secure http)

what is the top level domain

what is the resource

what is f=2
parameter key and value
What feature of web pages tracks who you are and where you have been
What are the automated programs the crawl the web for search engines called
spiders or webcrawlers
YN 6, ACK 7, SYN 34, ACK 35
TCP Handshake?
When navigating to drive.google.com, what tells you the address for google
.com name server
What group develops web standards
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)
What group coordinates the assignment of IP addresses and Domain Names
ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)
How do you properly close the body section of an HTML document
What tool external to a webpage can specify things like font and background colors
CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
If you want to send a secure message to someone else using Public Key encryption, what do you use to encrypt the message
the recipient's public key
Who issues SSL certificates
Certificate Authority
JavaScript is an example of
Client Side Scripting
What language is commonly used for server-side scripting
This is used to uniquely identify each entry in a MySQL table
primary key
What is a query
a command to receive data from tables
Why do you use a JOIN command
to combine data stored across multiple tables
What is software designed to do harm called
The field of CS concerned with identifying and reducing vulnerabilities to attacks
cyber security
A histogram is a visualization of data that shows this
Any tool that uses a graph or picture to extract meaning from data is called a
A model that programs individuals to follow specific rules with certain parameters so as to observe behavior
Agent Based Simulation
Behavior that appears suddenly without being specifically programmed is referred to as
emergent behavior
A pattern that emerges that is both self-similar and infinite in detail