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Folk Literature Vocabulary

folk literature vocabulary
a traditional story believed to be based on actual people and events. These stories, which typically celebrate heroic individuals or significant achievements, tend to express the values of a culture.
fairy tale
is a story that involves fantasy elements such as witches, goblins, and elves. These storeis often involve princes and princesses and todoay are generally told to entertain children.
is a story from the past involving gods or heroes. These stories often explain beliefs, customs, or nysterious natural phenomena or identify acceptable and unacceptable behavior.
tall tale
is a highly exaggerated and often humorous story about folk heroes in local settings. The characters in these storeis might be real, but their actions are greatly exaggerated.
folk tale
is an anonymous traditional story passed on orally from one generation to another.
is a brief story that teaches a lesson or moral, usually through animal characters that take on human qualities