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The Nucleus is made up of what two components and account for the mass of an atom?

Protons and Neutrons

The Atomic # is equal to the number of what ?


The Atomic Mass is equal to the mass of what 2 Atomic particles ?

Protons and Neutrons

This occupies space and has mass ?


Because the periodic chart lists atoms in a "Neutral" state, the number of protons (positive charge) has to be equal to what ?

The number of Electrons

What are the positively charged sub-atomic particles found in the nucleus ?


The space surrounding the nucleus of an atom contains ......


This is the type of ion that forms when an atom loses electrons.


This is the electric charge of an Electron.


This is a substance that is composed of only one type of atom.


This is a type of bond where the electrons are "transferred".


This is the place in the atom where the Neutrons are found.


This is the type of bond where the Electrons are "Shared".


This has definite shape and definite volume.


This does not have definite shape or definate volume.


This has definite volume but no definite shape.


The three states of matter are ....

Solid, Liquid and Gas

This changes due to gravity.


This does not change due to gravity.


The nucleus is found where in the atom ?


When is an atom most stable ?

When it has a full "outer shell" or "Orbital" ( Look for any of the nobel gases, which have 8 )

How many valence electrons go on the 1st shell ?

Up to 2 electrons

How many valence electrons go on the 2nd shell ?

Up to 8, must fill up first shell before putting any electrons onto the 2nd shell.

How many valence electrons go on the 3rd shell ?

Up to 8, must fill up first and second shell before putting any electrons onto the 3rd shell.

The name of the electrons found on the outer shell ( orbital ) of an atom.

Valence Electrons

How do you figure out how many Neutrons are in an atom ?

Atomic Mass - Atomic # ( Protons ) = Neutrons

What kind of charge do Neutrons have ?

Neutral charge

Two of the same atoms that differ only in the number of neutrons are called .....


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