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  1. accredit
  2. pantheism
  3. sacrilege
  4. sanctuary
  5. Divino, divinare, divinavi, divinatum
  1. a to authorize, to certify, to believe
  2. b identifying god with nature: belief in all gods
  3. c sacred place or any place of refuge
  4. d disrespect to something regarded as sacred
  5. e to foretell and divine-divine, divinity, apotheosis,theocracy, theology, atheist, pantheism, pantheon

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  1. believing too easily, gullible
  2. acceptance as true, beleives
  3. god- deify, deity,
  4. holy-sanctimonious sanction,sanctity, sanctuary
  5. pretending to be righteous

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  1. divineto foretell by natural means


  2. pietyreligious devotion, or great respect toward parents


  3. sanctityapproval, support, permission


  4. expiateto denounce as evil or to curse or detest


  5. creedo, credere, credidi, creditumto appease, to purify with sacred rights- expiate, piety, impious, pittance