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  1. pittance
  2. apotheosis
  3. deify
  4. pantheon
  5. sanction
  1. a approval, support, permission
  2. b to make a god of
  3. c making a god of something: deification, a glorified ideal:an essence
  4. d all the gods of a people or a religion, or the ancient Greece pantheon
  5. e small amount or portion, especially of money

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  1. god- deify, deity,
  2. sacred- consecrate, execrate, sacrament, sacrilege, sacrosanct
  3. statement or belief or principle
  4. deserving praise
  5. to authorize, to certify, to believe

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  1. hieroglyphichard to read, or picture writing


  2. sanctusholy-sanctimonious sanction,sanctity, sanctuary


  3. theocracythe study of religon


  4. sanctimoniouspretending to be righteous


  5. sacrosanctsomething considered to have sacred significance