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aprender de memoria

to memorize


to answer

dar un discurso

to give a speech


to discuss


to explain

hacer una pregunta

to ask a question

el informe

the report

el laboratorio

the labratory

la palabra

the word

pedir ayuda

to ask for help

el proyecto

the project

sacar una buena nota

to get a good grade

a tiempo

on time


to turn in

llegar tarde

to arrive late

prestar atencion

to pay attention

la regla

the rule


to respect

se prohibe

it's forbidden

hay que

one must

tener que

to have to

el armario

the locker

el asiento

the seat

el carnet de identidad

the ID card

la cinta adhesiva

the transparent tape

la grapadora

the stapler

los materiales

the supplies, materials

las tijeras

the scissors

los dias pares

the even days

los dias impares

the odd days

escribir un informe

to write a report

hacer un proyecto

to do a project

trabajar en el laboratorio

to work in the lab


someone, anyone

algun, alguna, algunos, -as

some, any


no one, nobody

ningun, ninguno, -a

no, none, not any


to know

lo que



on, about


to have lunch


to start, to begin


to understand


to repeat

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