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Mexican Whiteboy Final Review


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What position does Danny play?
San Francisco
Where does Danny's mother move?
What language does Danny not like?
Who beats up Danny at his first homerun derby?
Ensenada, Mexico
Where does Danny think his father is living at the beginning?
People can choose to change their lives for the better
What is the point of Uno's father telling him about spaghetti with meatballs vs. plain spaghetti?
Half Latino - half white
What race is Danny?
Half Latino - half black
What race is Uno?
Home Run Derby
What game do Danny and Uno play for money in National City?
the prejudice that members of one race are superior to members of other races
Spaghetti with Meatballs
In what chapter is the following quote from: "You wanna evolve, son? Or you wanna stay the same? It's on you, man.... That's a change, son.... That change is in you!"
Mexican Whiteboy
In what chapter is the following quote from: "I'm a white boy among Mexicans, and a Mexican among white boys."
She ranks him higher in the family because of his good grades and behavior and perceived success in mainstream American society
Why is Danny the first to eat grandma's tortillas?
He wishes he were full Mexican and fit in with his dad's family.
Danny says the following about his identity.
It's his way of dealing with overwhelming emotions and events and of "feeling" physical pain to escape emotional pain
Why do you think Danny digs his nails into his skin?
It bothers him; he is jealous.
How does Uno respond when he sees Sofia with Danny? What does this say about the way Uno feels about her?
He hits a bunch of home runs that are the farthest anyone has seen. They go past the second house.
What happens when Danny participates in the Home Run Derby for the first time?
They strongly dislike and mistrust each other.
Describe the relationship between Senior and Loretta (Uno's mom).
They have drifted apart. He feels that it is partially his mom's fault that his dad is gone.
How has Danny's relationship with his mom changed since his father left?
They are moving to San Francisco, and they want Danny and Julia to move with them.
What is the announcement that Randy and Danny's mom make to Danny and his sister?
Uncle Ray demands that Uno get out of the car and that Danny tell him what happened to his eye.
How is Uno confronted by what happened to Danny?
Danny says it was an accident.
How does Danny deal with Uncle Ray when he asks what happened to his eye?
She is selling herself on the streets.
What has Flaca "heard" about Liberty?
He says that he is a star player on a traveling baseball team and is in a relationship with Liberty.
What does Danny write to his father about?
He does not identify with being half Mexican; he mainly identifies with being half black. It is difficult for him to grow up in National City.
What does Uno feel about his identity?
What does Senior believe everyone in National City is thinking about?
They are both half Mexican-white, they both speak only one of the languages, they are new to National City and they both don't live with their dads.
How are Danny and Liberty alike?
He is a caring guy who wants to be part of Danny's family, but is clueless about the importance of friends and familiar surroundings to teenagers.
What kind of person do you think Randy is?
She loves it and loves exploring the city.
What does Danny's mom think about San Francisco?
The carney says its the fastest he has seen anyone throw it.
What happens when Danny throws his first ball in the carnival game?

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