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  1. iambic pentameter
  2. synecdoche
  3. pathos
  4. bio
  5. mellifluous
  1. a quality in a work that arouses one's feelings for a character
  2. b gentle sounding word
  3. c when written by somone else
  4. d poetic line consisting of five verse feet
  5. e substitutes part of a whole

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  1. comparison of two unlike things
  2. in verse
  3. type of comedy based on ridiculous situations
  4. story in a sermon
  5. a book-length, lengthy, fictional, narrative

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  1. personaan asumed personality


  2. imagerystroy in which a noun are symbolic


  3. asidethe humorous imitation of a work or a person


  4. pastoralbio written by that person


  5. alliterationrepitition of constant sounds