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  1. in medias res
  2. pathos
  3. flash back
  4. apostrophe
  5. figurative language
  1. a teqnique of plunging into the middle of a story and later using a flashback to tell what has happened recently
  2. b interupts to show previous events
  3. c when one speaks to nonliving stuff
  4. d quality in a work that arouses one's feelings for a character
  5. e not to be interperated litteraly

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  1. gentle sounding word
  2. opposite view
  3. harsh, unpleasent sound
  4. characters are common happy ending
  5. sequence of events in a story

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  1. aphorismbio written by that person


  2. farcetype of comedy based on ridiculous situations


  3. biosequence of events in a story


  4. gothic novelpopular in 18th and 19th centuries


  5. personaan asumed personality