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  1. iambic pentameter
  2. climax
  3. onomatopeia
  4. figure of speech
  5. antithesis
  1. a high point of the story
  2. b the use of a word that is simillar to the meaning
  3. c poetic line consisting of five verse feet
  4. d similie metaphore
  5. e opposite view

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  1. type of comedy based on ridiculous situations
  2. a figure of speech in which a non human thing is given human qualities
  3. a reference to some sort of aspect of literature
  4. an asumed personality
  5. when one speaks to nonliving stuff

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  1. synecdochefigure of speech with exageration


  2. assonancerepition of vowel sounds


  3. fabletype of comedy based on ridiculous situations


  4. caricaturetype of comedy based on ridiculous situations


  5. forshadwoinguse of hints or clues in a narrative to suggest later events