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Rush hour traffic is to upset stomach as ________ is to ________.

stressor; stress reaction

Walter Cannon observed that a variety of stressors trigger

a fight-or-flight reaction

The three successive phases of the general adaptation syndrome are

alarm reaction, resistance, and exhaustion

The emotional bonding and mutual support that survivors of natural disasters provide to one another best illustrates

the tend-and-befriend response

The study of how psychological, neural, and endocrine processes combine to affect our immune system and health is called


Who is the best example of a Type A personality

Competitive, hot-tempered.

Bernard is an ambitious, highly competitive corporate lawyer who recently had a heart attack. He tends to be impatient and a perfectionist, and he gets angry over little things. Research suggests that Bernard's susceptibility to heart attacks may be most closely linked to his


To alleviate the stress of losing her job, Alicia enrolled in a work retraining program that led to full-time employment. Alicia's behavior best illustrates

problem-focused coping

Elderly nursing home residents tend to decline faster and die sooner than they would otherwise if they lack

perceived control

The perception that our fate is determined by chance events is most closely associated with

an external locus of control

In the long run, people who practice self-regulation through physical exercise and time-managed study programs experience an increase in


Religiously active people have _______ socially supportive relationships and ________ life-styles than those who are not religiously active.

more; healthier

Subjective well-being refers to

self-perceived happiness

People are likely to experience higher levels of ________ if they seek to contribute to their communities rather than simply strive for personal wealth and power.

subjective well-being

Which of the following factors has been found to be clearly related to feelings of general happiness or life satisfaction?

having an active religious faith

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