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Why I'm sooo mad at Ashley (jk i <3 u ashley)

Why I (Lydia) is mad at Ashley. And this is just for fun :-)
Ashley J
Durham Academy
Friday, May 30, Monday, June 2, and Tuesday, June 3
she doesnt have to take the french OR la exam
why #2
shes so smart that she'd ace them anyways
why #3
she had a lot of time to study anyways because she didn't go to the beach
why #4
she can't help me study (or vice versa) because she's not taking the la exam
why #5
she has more time to study for other exams, obviosuly, and will do better than me
why #5
ashley is a smartacle
why #6
there is no reason for her not to take the la exam, because it was just a speech
why #7
french is understandable, but of course if you place nationally in latin you still have to take the exam