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  2. TMAX
  1. a RBCs exposed to a hypotonic solution, water will flow into the cells and can actually cause them to burst
  2. b if all the carrier proteins for glucose are being used it is said taht transport is occurring at the maximum rate possible.
  3. c not cancerous, cells don't spread
  4. d the depolarization that initiates a flow of electricial current that is known as:
  5. e the stuff that is dissolved in that water.

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  1. the solution with the LOWER solute concentration than the other.
  2. will not gain or lose h2o
  3. molecules help stablilize the plasma membrane.
  4. the water which is in the cytosol or ECF
  5. RBCs exposed to a hypertonic solution, water will flow out of the cells, causing them to shrivel up.

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  1. GLOBULAR PROTEINproteins that have unique 3-D shapes and are chemically very active.


  2. PHAGOCYTOSIScell eating


  3. FACILITATED DIFFUSIONthe tendency of atoms, molecules, or ions in a liquid or air solution to move spontaneously from where there are more of them to where there are fewer of them.


  4. MALIGNANTcancerous, abnormally dividing cells


  5. ELECTROCHEMICAL GRADIENTthe phospholipid bilayer is impermeable to all charged molecules and ions, these will require assistance in the form of integral proteins