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  4. TMAX
  1. a movement into cells
  2. b a double layer of phospholipids whose orientation is due to their amphiphilic nature.
  3. c the water which is in the cytosol or ECF
  4. d proteins on cell surfaces that allow them to stick to other cells, responsible for allowing white blood cells to attach to a damaged tissue and initiate inflammation.
  5. e if all the carrier proteins for glucose are being used it is said taht transport is occurring at the maximum rate possible.

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  1. will not gain or lose h2o
  2. study of cancer
  3. molecules that connot get through the phospholipid bilayer may move across the membrane by traveling through specific integral proteins that act as carriers or transport proteins.
  4. not cancerous, cells don't spread
  5. proteins that have unique 3-D shapes and are chemically very active.

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  1. SELECTIVELY PERMEABLEplasma membrane has unique chemical and physical characteristics which permit it to regulate what substances can get into or out of the cell


  2. DNAin the nucleus of each somatic cell there are 46 separate strands of...


  3. PERIPHERAL PROTEINSdon't go all the way through the membrane, may be inside or outside.


  4. MALIGNANTthe water which is in the cytosol or ECF


  5. SIMPLE DIFFUSIONthe tendency of atoms, molecules, or ions in a liquid or air solution to move spontaneously from where there are more of them to where there are fewer of them.