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FAMR 230

Stage 1

birth to 1 : Reflexes: sucking, grasping, starring, listening

Stage 2

1 to 4 months : The first acquired adaptations: Accommodation and coordination of reflexes.

Stage 3 & 4

Involving Infants responses to objects and people

Stage 3

4 to 8 months :Making Interesting sights last: Playing patty cake.

Stage 4

8 to 12 months : New Adaptation and anticipation:

Stage 5 & 6

More creative, first with actions, then with ideas

Stage 5

12 to 18 months : New means through active experimentation: "Little Scientist"

Stage 6

18 to 24 months : New means through mental combinations: Considering before doing. Remembers what happens before resorting to trial and error

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