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Thematic Map GeoTerms

the pattern of weather over a long period of time
economic activity
any action that relates to the making, buying, and selling of goods and services
any natural feature of Earth's surface that has a distinct shape, which includes features such as continents, plains, plateaus, mountain ranges, hills, valleys, canyons, etc.
physical feature
any natural characteristic of Earth's surface, such as landforms and bodies of water
population density
= number of people divided by the total area (like miles squared)
an area defined by one or more physical or human characteristics that set it apart from other areas
thematic map
a map that shows a particular theme, or topic
all the plants and trees in an area.
Climate Zone Map
shows the which of the 12 climate zones exist in an area.
Economic Activity Map
shows land use and natural resources found in a location.
Political Map
shows the locations of countries, states, and important cities.
Population Density Map
shows the patterns of human settlement (how many people live in a square mile)
Vegetation Zones Map
shows which plants and trees will grow in an area.
Physical Features Map
shows the major physical features and elevation of the land.
factors of vegetation
climate, elevation, amount of sunlight, and richness of soil
parts of climate
temperature and precipitation
How to understand a thematic map
Map Title and Map Key