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12 months of the year below freezing. Very little precipitation due to the cold temperatures.
ice cap
9 months of the year below freezing, with a short, cool summer. Low precipitation amounts due to cold temperatures.
Cool summers and cold winters (6 months of the year blow freezing). Precipitation can occur year round, but to a lesser degree than humid continental.
Year round precipitation, with periods of fog and drizzle. Mild temperatures year around, a bit cooler in winter months.
marine west coast
Temperatures in the summer range from mild to warm, but winter temperatures can be very cold. Precipitation falls throughout the year. This climate experiences the greatest fluctuation between the high and low average temperature months.
humid continental
Year round precipitation, occurring mainly in the summer months. Warm, muggy, summers and mild winters. High and low monthly average temperatures vary the most of the three temperate marine climates.
humid subtropical
Two seasons with regard to precipitation, with the winter being wet, the summer dry. Less rain than the other two temperate marine climate types. Warm summers and mild winters.
Hot and cold varieties, both with very warm summers, and winters varying cold to mild. Very little precipitation, usually less than ten inches per year.
Very warm summers with mild winters, but can fluctuate depending on elevation or latitude. Precipitation amounts usually between ten and twenty inches.
Two seasons with regard to precipitation, one wet, one dry. Temperatures are warm year round. In areas with monsoons wet seasons can be flood prone.
tropical wet and dry
Year round precipitation, with temperatures that are warm year round. No real seasonal changes.
tropical wet
Climates vary depending on elevation and surrounding climate types.
highlands or mountain

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