Business law exam 3, set 1

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workplace defamationfalse information communicated by a former employer about a former employee that keeps them from getting a jobProperty torts1) trespass to real property 2) nuisance 3) conversion 4) trespass to personal propertytrespass to real propertyReal property is land or anything affixed to it. Someone intentionally intrudes on a property without permission when they knew or should have known that they had no right to be there. Know (sign or told); should have (fence). Exemptions - if your property goes on their property (lost dog) Trespassing by initially being on the property legally, failing to leave when asked to do so.NuisanceInvolves interference with the use and enjoyment of your real property (noise). a) Private - civil b) public - criminalConversiontaking it or exercising control over it without your consent stealing - criminal conversionTrespass to personal propertydon't take the property, you interfere with the use of it (parking behind someone's car). Intentionally interferenceBusiness torts1) disparagement 2) interference w/ contractual relationship 3) interference with business relationshipDisparagementSomeone or another business communicates false information about another business or it's products with the intent to get people to not do business with that businessInterference w/ contractual relationshipThird party interferes to try to get one of the two to do business with him. MUST - Contract in existence - Defendant has to know about contract - Defendant has to intentionally interfere with itInterference with business relationshipTo prevent predatory behavior by another business; one business tries to kill another business. Walmart - sued most