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Dental Anatomy module VII

Masticatory mucosa
includes free and attached gingiva, it is thick, dense
*designed to withstand trama
** Keratinized
Lining mucosa
thin, free moving, tears easily
Red in color b/c of a lot of capillaries
Includes: soft palate, vestuble (averolar mucosa & buccal mucosa), floor of mouth, inside cheecks/lips (labial mucosa)
Gingival sulcus
space b/w free gingiva & tooth
Free gingiva
between free gingival margin & free gingival groove
found: sulcus
Free ginigval groove
seperates FREE and attached ginigiva
found bottom of gingival sulcus
Attached gingiva
attached to underlying bone
lies between freegingiva & aveolar mucosa
mucogingival junction
seperates attached gingiva from aveolar mucosa
junctional epithelium
how tissue attaches to tooth
ends at gingival sulcus
found:base of sulcus
Rete pegs
causes stippling
connects to epithelium to underlying connective tissue-> makes stippling
Interdental groove
vertical depression
fx: allows food to spill into vestible
found: tip of interdental papilla-> just below contact area
site of gingival inflamation
Gingival fibers
there are 3
cementum up to gingival margin
-dentogingival fiber
group 2
-goes straight out
makes free gingival root
group 3
down & comes over aveolar bone/crest
-connects tissue of adjacent teeth
connects gingival between teeth
holds tissue around tooth-like a neck tie
-fiber to fiber connection
Peridontal ligaments
there are 5
aveolar bone, horizontal group, oblique group, apical group, interradicular group
aveolar bone
crest bone to cementum
horizontal group
goes horizontal from cementum to aveolar bone
oblique group
runs diagonally
cementum to bone
apical group
apically from cementum to bone
interradicular group
multi-rooted teeth
*** molars & premolars
apical 1/3
middle 1/3
Aveolar bone
3 layers:
cortical bone, trabecular bone,cribiform plate
cortical bone
buccal & lingual surface
trabecular bone
fx: add/had bone marrow
cribiform plate
aveolar bone
** under pressure makes more called: Bundle Bone
**** forms in Avolas (tooth socket)----KNOW
lamina dura-radio-pake(white)
Periodontal disease
** Pseudo pocket-inflamed gums
immflamation in gums
lossof bone level
Layers added to cribiform plate/bone
bundle bone
Osseous apposition
new bone forming
Osseous resorption
loss of bone