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potential energy
stored energy and the energy of position
the ability to do work
chemical energy
energy stored in the bonds of atoms and molecules
elastic energy
energy stored in objects by the application of force (stretched rubber band)
nuclear energy
energy stored in the nucleus of the atom
nuclei split apart
nuclei combine together
gravitational potential energy
energy of position or place
kinetic energy
energy of motion
electrical energy
movement of electrons
radiant energy
electromagnetic energy that travels in a transverse waves
thermal energy
also known as heat energy, the movement and vibrations of atoms and molecules within substances
Motion/ Mechanical energy
movement of objects
Newtons law of Motion
objects and substances move when an unbalanced force is applied
Sound Energy
movement of energy through substances in longitudinal (compression) waves
Law of Conservation of Energy
energy is neither created or destroyed
energy efficiency
amount of useful energy that you can get out of a system
power plants
35 percent efficiency
Nonrenewable energy
coal, petroleum, natural gas, propane, and uranium
Renewable Energy
biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, and wind
Secondary source of energy
energy consumption
the sum of energy equal to one person per year
resident/ commercial energy
energy use on homes, office, hospital, schools, and restaurants
industrial energy
energy used in manufacturing, construction, mining, fishing, and forestry
electric power
electricity generation facilities and power plants
transportation energy
refers to cars, buses, trains, truck, ships, and airplanes
oil embargo
prohibitation of oil
acid rain
precipitation with low pH
active solar heating system
solar water system that moves heated water or wind using fans
alternating current(AC)
electric current that reverses its directions at regular intervals
alternative fuels
nonconventional transportation fuels
unit of measure for an electric current
device used to measure wind speed
man-made dam to capture or direct tidal waves
a device that stores chemical energy
any organic material that is renewable
amount of electric power a power plant can produce
organic molecule-long chain of sugar
chemical oxidation accompanied by heat and light
discharge of something given off
heat exchanger
device that transfers from one fluid to another
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
a particle of light that acts as an individual light of energy