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What was a direct result of the discovery that germs caused disease?
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What was a result of the Franco-Prussian War?Prussia defeated France.What made Italy hard to unite into a single country?regional differencesThe Kulturkampf refers to Bismarck's attempt to do what?weaken the influence of the Catholic Church.The revolution of 1905 broke out as a result of what?the killing of demonstrators on Bloody Sunday.. How did the German government encourage economic development?It protected its industries from foreign competition.The revolution of 1905 led to what?minor changes in Russia.What was the elected Parliament in Russia?DumaThe pogroms refer to the mass genocide of which ethnic group?JewsWhat was Russia's primary economic problem?they were landlockedA major threat to the Hapsburg Empire came from who?nationalist demands.Nationalism posed the biggest threat to who?the Austrian empireWhat contributed most to the growth of nationalist movements in the Balkans in the mid-1800s?the decline of the Ottoman empireHow did the Industrial Revolution encourage imperialismIt created a need for raw materials and markets.Which countrygained control of much of southern Africa during the 1800s?BritainIn the Boer War, the British fought descendants of which settlers?Dutch"Dr. Livingstone I presume?" was said by whom?Henry StanleyWho revolutionized the diamond trade throughout South Africa?Cecil RhodesWhat resulted from the Panama Canal?Roosevelt CorollaryOne cause of the March 1917 revolution in Russia was what?food shortages.What helped turn World War I into a global war? thethe submarineIn 1918, Europe was in what?in ruinsWhat ended Russia's involvement in World War I?the Treaty of Brest-LitovskWhy was it difficult to gain an advantage over the enemy in trench warfare?The machine gun made it nearly impossible for troops to advance.What helped the Allies to achieve the breakthrough they sought in World War I?the involvement of the United StatesGermany joined the Triple Alliance to protect itself against who?France.Which weapons contributed most to the stalemate on the Western Front during World War I?the automatic machine gunWhat is true regarding the Ottoman empire in World War I?It joined the Central Powers.What was a result of the Bolshevik Revolution?civil war in RussiaThe Triple Entente included who?Britain, France, and Russia.The "Big Four" who attended the peace conference at the end of World War I were the leaders from what countries?United States, Britain, France, and ItalyThe Triple Alliance included what countries?Germany, Austria-Hungary, and ItalyLenin's New Economic Policy was designed to do what?rebuild the Soviet economy.The main purpose of Stalin's five-year plans was to turn the Soviet Union into what?turn the Soviet Union into a modern industrial power.What is true regarding the Soviet Union under Lenin?The Communist party held absolute control over the government.Stalin became the Soviet leader as the result of whose death?Lenin's death.effect of Stalin's five-year plans?Heavy industry true regarding the Soviet Union under Lenin?The Communist party held absolute control over the government.. An artist who uses triangles, squares, and circles to represent people and objects would be calleda cubist.Describe fascism?It glorified blind loyalty to the state.statements regarding Germany under Hitler is true?The Nazis controlled all aspects of German life.Which of the following helped Adolf Hitler gain power in Germany?the Great Depression