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Bones Test questions

during osteogenesis, this cell would appear first.
at what age do the bones of the sternum become completely ossified.
a deficiency of ____ hormone could result in reduced physical size as well as mental retardation.
the coronal suture separates the ____ from the parietal bones.
ethmoid, spenoid, frontal, maxillary
all these facial structures contain a sinus
the ____ suture separates the occipital from the parietal bones
the ___ allows a bone to increase its diameter during periods of growth
contains osteogenic cells that will deposit new bone
the articular ends of long bones are comprised of ____ tissue
haversian canal
the center of each osteon contains the _____.
volkmann's canal
osteons have a ____, which provides a means of communication between them.
epiphyseal disk
the ___ represents an area for growth in the length of a long bone
3rd month
when does ossification begin in a dev. fetus
4th month
by this age, most primary ossificaiton centers have appeared in the diaphyses of all bones
birth to 5 yrs
when do secondary ossification centers appear in the epiphysis
most cases of bone cancer probably involve an increase in the activity of the ____ cells.
Vit. D
the main factor which facilitates the movement of calcium through a cell membrane is ______.
Vit. D
is a coenzyme for the enzymes that transport Ca 2+ into or out of cells.
Vit D
the most important vitamin required for proper bone resorption and modeling
Vit. C
This vitamin is required to produce the organic matrix that allows bones to be pliable
Vit. C
vitamin that forms the C.T background for bones and teeth
pituitary Gh
an excess of this hormone will cause excess deposition in bones; the results of acromegaly are heavy, deformed bones
formation of a hematoma
which is the first to occur following a bone fracture. It releases blood into the area surrounding bone
the callus that forms around a bone fracture is comprised of ___ tissue.
yolk sac
the origin of blood cells is the ___
liver and spleen
where erythrocytes are produced in an embryo
bone marrow
where erythrocytes are produced in an adult
the color of the red bone marrow is mainly the result of ___
which type of bone is the primary source of red marrow in an adult
comprised of phosphate, carbonate, and OH ions. A salt in bone matrix
blood clotting, muscles, nerve tissue
3 functions that need calcium
bone matrix
the structure that requires calcium the LeASt to function
a reduction in bone mineral content is a char. of this disease
the sacrum is a part of this division of the skeleton
the largest foramen in the body. Large hole in the os coxa
the cheekbone is called the ___ primarily
the outer covering of each bone, made from fibrous CT, is called the _____.
spongy and red marrow
inside the epiphysis of each long bone, mostly ____ can be found
resting cells
which layers of cells in the epiphysis is responsible for anchoring the disk to bony epiphysis
the ____ suture joins the temporal and parietal bones of the skull
another name for the wrist bones are___
this bone would contain significant amounts of red marrow in an adult
a parietal bone can be classified as a _____ bone
yellow bone marrow
the medullary cavity in the diaphyisis of an adult bone would contain _____ . It is filled with adipose tissue
the part of the bone that the articular cartilage covers directly is the _______.
epiphyseal plate
the junction between the diaphysis and epiphysis in a growing bone is called the ____
bony callus
this is the last stage in the repair of a fracture
this bone contains the foramen magnum
a condition which causes bones to bend because of the lack of vitamin D and calcium in children.
True or False. Excess pituitary growth hormone will cause an 18 year old to become a giant.
this level of blood calcium could be the cause that increase the activity of the osteoclasts
cartilage and blood
bone is an organ that has many tissues in it including these two
circulatory and immunity
the skeletal system plays key roles in these two functions